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Robert’s Low Protein Diet Day Two

Robert’s low protein diet kidney diet started out with two whole-grain slices of bread and before I get into it more I don’t have to worry about potassium so that’s not a concern for me. So I do have a higher potassium diet that I don’t have to worry about that, protein is the biggest thing because it creates more protein excretion and my GFR goes down and my creatinine goes up. So it’s important for me and I don’t have to watch potassium but regardless of whatever diet you follow always be low sodium. So two slices of whole-grain bread with a smart balance of buttery spread. The loaves of bread were no salt, low salt, not no salt, they were just lower salt they were also lower in protein, higher in fiber, so I picked those out in my supermarket going through all the aisles from there I had about four ounces of rice milk that I drank.

Now the rice milk did have a phosphorus additive in it try calcium phosphate so that’s going to raise the value of the phosphorus in there but I already accounted for it I had a so delicious yogurt that was coconut based low protein again that does have some phosphate additives in it so you have to account for that if you’re really watching your phosphorus I don’t have to watch my phosphorus because my levels are actually low normal because I don’t get a lot of phosphorus in my diet because I don’t eat really very very little animal foods animal protein so that was my breakfast I also had a peach so I had a peach in the morning there and then I went to lunchtime at lunchtime I had dr Praeger’s veggie burger on a white bread bun I usually get whole wheat but they didn’t have whole wheat.

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So I just got white bread it was still low sodium I had some tomatoes onions lettuce on it I did have a low salt mayo it was an organic low salt mayo but regardless of the mayo you use. make sure it’s low salt and I only used a little bit maybe a tablespoon of that and I also put a little bit of tabasco hot sauce in there which is your lowest sodium hot sauce that you can find on the market I’ve tried some other no sodium hot sauce and they really didn’t even taste like hot sauce but tabasco really good 40 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon and you really only need maybe two teaspoons and I spread it out over the bun so that was a delicious veggie burger I look forward to having another one today and I had a pretty big salad with it made up of lettuce carrots a few tomatoes.

But I don’t have to watch my potassium there were some onions in there and I had a little bit of a low salt salad dressing so it was very low sodium this one was Bragg’s, Bragg’s is a brand and you can use their salad dressings they’re a little bit expensive but they’re really high quality but I use other ones and you can always make your own with oil vinegar and adding spices from there I had a snack I had some corn chips it was unsalted corn chips they were baked also instead of fried and then I had about four ounces of blueberries so like a really big handful of blueberries and then from there I went to dinner and I had chicken soup without the chicken so we had chicken soup in my house.

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I just took out everything and didn’t eat the chicken so it gave it a lot of flavors. No salt added so I have to worry that everyone adds their own salt to the bowl that they pick. I don’t add salt to the soup I had a handful of raspberries and then from there it was two bowls of chicken soup so just wanna make sure that just get that clear then I went to I had a snack later on at night I had some pecans. Now pecans are the lowest phosphorous lowest protein nut I had some zucchini quite a bit all right so that raised up my potassium a lot but it was really good it was cooked with just a little bit of oil and mist dash mi stash chicken seasoning that’s when the one that I use I love that one it’s really good.

And then I have one to two cups of popcorn to low salt popcorn so at the end of my day my nutrients about 35 to 40 grams of protein. I had about 2500 to 3000 milligrams of potassium because I had a lot of zucchini and quite a bit of vegetable, and a really big salad again. I don’t have to worry about potassium my phosphorus came in at about a thousand milligrams a little bit less so even if you’re looking to follow a low phosphorus diet that really puts you in that nice area and sodium was about two fifteen hundred to two thousand milligrams. So still way under so that’s my sample low protein diet much healthier better version than the day before provides you a lot of good nutrients you feel satisfied full and you don’t stress the kidney. You could follow a lower protein diet where you’re even restricting a protein further this may not be the best diet for someone that’s a diabetic you’d have to test your blood sugar to see but for the most part, the foods were pretty low glycemic I mean they don’t raise your blood sugar very high what’s my sample diet take from it what you can.


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