Renal Diet Sandwich Low Protein Renal Diet For Chronic Kidney Disease

Today’s video is a short one about some kidney-friendly sandwiches that you can fit into your renal diet. Robert has been driving all-around today and decided to grab a quick sandwich from Subway. He got a ‘Subway Veggie Delight’ which is a low protein veggie sandwich that is nice, crispy, and crunchy.


Robert follows a low protein diet so this sandwich was a perfect option for him. It’s actually Subway’s healthiest sandwich and a 6-inch sandwich typically ranks in at 240 calories.


The sandwich as seen in the videos had many healthy kidney-friendly ingredients and you may even customize it according to your preference. In his sandwich, it came with a 9 grains bread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, sweet peppers, spinach, and some cheddar cheese. Be mindful that certain vegetables like black olives and sweet peppers may have a higher sodium content. 


This veggie delight had about 14g protein, 5g fiber, 2g fat, and 44g of carbs. The ‘Subway Veggie Delight’ is just an example of a veggie sandwich that can fit in a renal diet. It’s a perfect low protein sandwich for a CKD diet as well.


Don’t forget to limit the dressings on the sandwich as they’re often in sodium. Choose another alternative like subway vinaigrette and others. Add in some oregano and pepper to top it off and you have yourself an awesome low protein sandwich that won’t stress out your kidneys.¬†

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