Achieve Lower BUN Levels In Cats With Kidney Disease – 5 Things That Lowers Cat’s BUN Levels

Lowering bun levels in cats with kidney disease can be achieved through five effective steps. Cats can develop chronic kidney disease as they age and their bun levels rise as their kidney function declines. In today’s video, Robert goes over five effective measures you can take to help lower bun levels in cats with kidney disease.


Thanks for tuning in to our channel at healthy kidney inc where we give you great information of things within your power to help support good kidney health and people and pets and today we’re talking about how to lower bun levels in your cat and we have another video about how to lower it in people and it’s very similar it’s really the same thing in cats.


I’m going to recap a lot of that so if you’ve just been diagnosed with kidney issues you’re looking to do what you can for your cat you want to get those BUN levels down. The first thing you want to do is lower the protein, get them on a renal diet okay lowering protein is going to help there’s a lot of commercial brands out there we have another video about commercial brands for cats if you’re buying anything if you’re preparing their food you want to reduce the protein amounts, not get rid of it reduce it because protein makes bun (blood urea nitrogen) so lowering protein will help. Getting enough subcutaneous fluids, making sure they are hydrated. They have to stay hydrated they are not drinking which is often an issue in the later stages of kidneys with cats you have to do those subcutaneous fluids and you get those through the vet and you’ll be doing them either through a bag or injection but you gotta keep them hydrated, super important if you don’t keep them hydrated and they don’t have proper bowel movements and they are not urinating enough and getting rid of that bun, they are not getting rid of those toxins.


Third, you want to make sure they are having regular bowel movements okay because that’s how you get rid of that bun is by having regular bowel movements so sometimes constipation is an issue in kidney disease so you can make sure adequately hydrate is going to help, second, making sure they have some type of fiber in their diet as you can use over-the-counter fibers there’s plenty that is safe for cats like Metamucil and just a whole bunch of them out there you want to make sure that hydration fiber and pumpkin okay pumpkin is good to have but you don’t want to buy it like packaged in a tree it usually has a lot of sodium just getting pure pumpkin they have it in cans without anything added or getting a pumpkin and making it yourself and that will also help with bowel movements so you want to get those moving and the last thing is probiotics are good bacteria for your digestive system you need it. There are trillions in the gut and with kidney issues, it becomes very imbalanced and those probiotics they consume that bun they eat it up and lower it and you’ll be having easier bowel movements too with proper probiotics now with a cat that has kidney issues the least amount of probiotics that you should use is 25 billion all right we even give the same dose in people you could say a little less 15-20 billion but you want to make it high that billions two, three, four, or five billion generally isn’t going to do anything as it’s not enough to consume those toxins and don’t worry when you hear billions because as I mentioned earlier there are trillions in the gut trillions to billions is what you really need to make an impact so whether you’re buying a commercial brand or any brand out there probiotics make sure it’s in that high billions.


If you like, we do have a probiotic supplement that has other great things to help your cat with kidney issues called KIDNEY RESTORE FOR CATS & DOGS it has 50 billion and seven types of kidney-specific probiotics in there but regardless just make sure you get those billions whether you use our products someone else’s it’s got to be the billions or it’s not going to have an effect 15-20 billion at least and higher the better. Thanks for watching everybody into your cat’s best kidney health make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and good wishes, bye.

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