Lupus Nephritis | 2 Complimentary Herbal Treatments to Add

Lupus Nephritis | 2 Complimentary Herbal Treatments to Add

This video is about lupus nephritis, an autoimmune disease which can attack the kidneys and be a cause of kidney damage. When you have this a good percentage end up with kidney failure. We’re talking about complementary herbal treatments that you can use. That’s what today’s video is about.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which ends up creating a lot of kidney damage, a lot of organ damage. When you have lupus they have medications steroids cellcept to try to help as best they can, but overall the treatments aren’t always that good. There are lots of side effects and not always great outcomes. So if you have lupus you really want to do everything you can especially these complementary recommendations I’m going to talk about. Before I get into these herbal therapies you always want to take with lupus, you want to maximize your vitamin d and your omega-3.

Those are very important vitamin d and omega-3. I have other videos about that, but that’s something you want to always do first and foremost. You want to use the right type of omega-3. This piece of research for lupus nephritis comes from the biomedicine and pharmacotherapy journal 2022 and it’s titled “progress in traditional chinese medicine and natural extracts for the treatment of lupus nephritis.” So a big big article big write-up here.

Lots of herbs that they talked about and they provided the research to show that they can be supportive and complementary. All the herbs they recommend can be taken along with steroids they can be taken along with cellcept or any other anti-rejection meds that you may be doing or immune modulating meds that you’re doing.

The first that I’m gonna recommend from here which was ranked very high is cordyceps, which is caterpillar fungus. I‘ve talked about cordyceps before. We have a whole video that discusses that so if you’re not familiar with cordyceps check out that other video. It is really important. It’ll be down below in the comments section. So the other herb that’s also a complimentary treatment you can use it along with the cordyceps and along with your medication overall the research shows much better outcomes okay, less side effects from even the medications all right and it’s just really a better outcome overall.

The other supplement is called Paeonia. Paeonia is another herbal supplement which you can use along with the first treatment. I looked online and not a lot of brands. I don’t have experience with this herb but I do have a lot of experience with cordyceps. I use it myself. As for paeonia, I don’t and the brand that I see out there that’s really reputable you can really count on the quality of manufacturing making sure they have labeled claims is Life Extension has a paeonia supplement, a paeonia extract that you can look at. I recommend taking two to three pills of that if you have lupus nephritis.