Lyme Disease And Kidney Function In Dogs And Kidney Failure

Dogs that have Lyme disease are said to be at a much higher chance of getting acute kidney injury (AKI) which can develop into chronic kidney disease (CKD), a new study shows. 

A recently published study in November 2020 from Physician’s Weekly states that if your dog has Lyme disease, they’re now at a greater rate of getting CKD. Initially, it plays out as acute kidney injury which happens when all of sudden, it develops kidney damage. If your dog’s AKI lasts more than 25 days, it’s now considered chronic kidney disease which actually happens to a lot of these dogs. 

Surely, you’d want to take all suggested treatments from your vet but you can complement to make sure you protect those kidneys as much as you can. Chinese skullcap is a herb that has shown to benefit in these conditions. It has an antiviral Lyme activity to it. Including it with other medications/foods will ensure added protection and help get rid of Lyme disease. 

Besides that, you can put them on a temporary renal diet, include high dose probiotics, and other kidney supporting supplements like Omega 3s, curcumin, vitamin E, etc.

Kidney Restore for Cats & Dogs is an amazing supplement to help support normal kidney function in pets with kidney disease. You can find it here.  

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These supplements will optimistically prevent your dog from developing CKD. You can try out the Chinese skullcap as part of the anti-viral approach to get rid of Lyme. 

Keeping your dog hydrated at all times can be another step in making sure he progresses. These are some things you can do that can help your dog get rid of Lyme disease. Be mindful to protect your dog’s kidneys in these areas as the rate of damage is extremely high.  

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