Managing Glucose Can Make All The Difference In Supporting Kidney Function

Diabetes can often be a gateway to numerous other chronic health issues, and often kidney problems are one of those issues. Managing glucose is integral to maintaining good health when you’re living with diabetes, and equally so when dealing with kidney problems. Not only will it benefit your quality of life, but it may even delay kidney failure, help keep you off dialysis and prevent heart disease.

Many people tend to think once diabetes has crossed the threshold into the realm of kidney complications, glucose control is something of a moot point, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Dialysis and transplantation are two of the most harrowing events which people with kidney problems will confront over the course of their ailment, and keeping them at bay for as long as possible can do a lot to keep kidney sufferers thriving. 

It’s important also not to undermine the benefits inherent in keeping diabetic complications at bay for as long as possible, and ideally, indefinitely. Things like amputation, blindness, congestive heart failure…these are all probable eventualities for those living with diabetes coupled with kidney issues. And, adding insult to injury, there are the exorbitant medical costs which accompany the treatment of such complications, which is in and of itself a stressor that negatively impacts quality of life in the chronically ill.

Although ACE Inhibitors and ARB Therapy are sometimes used for glucose management in CKD populations, there’s still a residual risk that it simply may not be enough. A targeted strategy which takes into account the stage of CKD one is in, utilizes accurate measurements (opt for fructosamine measurements instead of HbA1c if possible) and avoids anything that may cause hypoglycemia (such as high doses of insulin) are key to ensuring glucose levels are well-managed in those suffering from kidney issues. Drugs like SGLT2 inhibitors can help reduce ESRD risk as well as worsening kidney function and cardiovascular disease rates. Maintaining a healthy diabetic-angled diet and controlling blood pressure are also two crucial elements which could make for more easily controlled glucose levels. For more of the latest in all things kidney health related, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel with tons of content and new videos posted daily!