Mediterranean Diet With Kidney Disease & Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) | KDOQI 3

Moving forward in our KDOQI series (Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiatives), which is a set of dietary recommendations that was published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, September 2020, we’ve gathered some research and facts to talk about mediterranean diet with kidney disease.


The suggestions that we share in our series should be tailored according to your condition. We’re covering broad recommendations and different diets for your CKD meal planning. Our first two video of KDOQI series entailed some therapeutic diets.


A mediterranean diet is the option that the research suggests for anyone with kidney disease from stages 1-5. This diet will typically focus on plant-based diet where there is an abundance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and healthy fats like omega 3s and olive oil. Mackerel, herring, salmon, and sardines are among many fishes that are a great source of omega 3. Red meat is almost always limited or not included in a mediterranean diet. Dairy products are limited to moderate amounts a week. This diet may not be as therapeutic as others but it’s a decent option if you have chronic kidney disease (CKD). 


Robert tells us a motivational story about a client who was here a couple months ago. He’d experienced kidney damage due to overtime consumption of NSAIDs and was at stage 2. The same man who had problems once managing his renal diet was introduced to a mediterranean diet and the idea instantly struck his mind. Couple months down the line and his family saw some groundbreaking results. This is just an example of how effective a mediterranean diet can be.


If you want to start following a mediterranean diet, be mindful to limit the sodium content.  This diet has been linked in lowering cholesterol levels. Anybody with chronic kidney disease can consider this diet as a great alternative. Check out our previous videos on this series (KDOQI 1 & KDOQI 2) to learn more about the other two diets that are highly therapeutic.


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