My Protein Diet For Kidney Disease. My Low Protein Kidney Diet For A Day

Most people with kidney problems are advised to follow a low protein diet. Doing so lowers the pressure on the kidneys which can help improve kidney function. Today’s video gives you a brief idea of what a low protein diet consists of. Robert goes over his meals for the day and explains why a low protein diet is preferred with kidney disease.


A kidney-friendly low protein diet like Robert’s includes fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. High-protein foods are limited or avoided in a low-protein diet to reduce the stress on the kidneys. A low protein diet with kidney disease can also help reduce the protein in the urine. 


It is important to be mindful of the sodium content in your low protein diet. Always stick to no-salt seasonings and avoid eating salty foods like french fries and pretzels. Buckwheat has a good amount of phosphorus but it’s a healthy exception as it is packed with kidney-friendly nutrients. 


Be sure to check with your doctor before modifying your diet with kidney disease. Essential amino acids like Pure Kidney is a great, safe way to get enough protein in your diet. 



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