N-A-C and Kidney Disease | Can N-A-C Supplement Help Kidney Disease? NAC Glutathione Repair Kidneys?

N-A-C and Kidney Disease | Can N-A-C Supplement Help Kidney Disease? NAC Glutathione Repair Kidneys?

Today we’re going to talk about  N-A-C, which is an abbreviation for a supplement called n-acetylcysteine and if this supplement can help your kidney health. Can it help you, should you take it, and what is all this about?

This piece of research comes from the American Journal Translational Research April 2021, and it’s titled an Acetylcysteine for Chronic Kidney Disease: a Systemic Review and Meta-analysis.

This isn’t the first study on  N-A-C we have hundreds to thousands of studies on  N-A-C and showing how it can benefit your kidneys. So yes this supplement which is also a medication can benefit your kidney. If you’re worried about taking it know that it’s a very safe thing to take. There are  very low adverse reaction side effects. The medication is called Mucomyst. It’s a medication that they use for a variety of things. A doctor won’t give you this medication for kidney health but you can go buy  N-A-C at your local vitamin store, supplement store, health food store, online wherever you purchase your supplements from.

What do they find out in this meta-analysis? When they looked at all the research they found three major findings. People who took the  N-A-C versus people who didn’t in their studies had a better kidney function, a better creatinine, and a Gfr at the end of the study period. We know that it reduced inflammation according to this study and we know that from other studies too  N-A-C is good at reducing inflammation. It also helped protect adverse cardiovascular outcomes, so it helped reduce the amount of cardiovascular events that people had. It was heart friendly.

N-A-C it makes glutathione which then does all these good things in your body. The thing with  N-A-C is if you buy it it’s one of those things that you’re not going to see an immediate effect on your kidney function. If you take it now you’ll see in three months that it’s better it doesn’t work exactly like that. What it would be is you would take the supplement and in three months, six months, nine months, twelve months, your kidney is going to be better than where it would be if you weren’t taking it. That’s how  N-A-C works.

Another benefit is it does so many good things in the body from inflammation, to liver health, to reversing and improving cell damage. The list of benefits goes on and on. As the research says there’s very minimal side effects or adverse reactions. That’s a real positive thing. Now before you go out and get  N-A-C, you need to know the dose or it won’t be Affective. The optimal dose is 1800 milligrams or more per day of N-acetylcysteine. Generally you’ll find them in 600 milligram capsules so you have to take three. A couple of brands make a 900 and a thousand milligram capsules so with those you take two. You could always take more but at least 1800 milligrams.  N-A-C, consider it in your supplement protocol for your kidney health. Maybe it’s something you want to take, maybe it’s not, but now you know how to take it, and its benefits.