High Phosphorus In Dogs With Kidney Disease. Phosphorus Binder For Pets With CKD. How To Lower It?

Healthy Kidney Inc. started out by helping people with kidney issues but as we grew along the way, pet owners whose cats and dogs had kidney disease constantly messaged us to help them. Over time, Robert got educated in dealing with cats and dogs with kidney disease and got trained to improve their kidney health. 


If your dog has kidney disease, phosphorus is something you need to look out for. The kidneys don’t remove phosphorus as well if they’re damaged and high phosphorus levels in your dog’s kidneys can speed things up. Elevated phosphorus also leads to poor bone mineral health. 


In order to manage your dog’s phosphorus levels, you should start limiting high-phosphorus foods and look to reduce the animal food in their diet. Using a phosphorus binder can greatly help maintain normal phosphorus levels. 


‘PhosFix for Cats & Dogs’ is our phosphorus binder from Healthy Kidney Inc. It has shown to help block extra phosphorus and has some beneficial ingredients. Niacinamide in the form of B3 is the main ingredient and niacinamide has shown to support healthy phosphorus levels and optimal cholesterol levels. Chitosan helps reduce high cholesterol levels and it helps improve your dog’s physical strength and sleep. FOS and Inulin are two prebiotics that helps the probiotics grow which helps get rid of kidney toxins.


If you’re going to use ‘PhosFix for Cats & Dogs’ Robert recommends starting out with half to one pill, depending on your dog’s size and stage of kidney disease. To incorporate PhosFix into your pet’s diet, simply open the capsule and mix it in their food. Most dogs are completely fine taking PhosFix. You can easily find PhosFix for Cats & Dogs on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and our website.


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