Natural Treatments for Pyelonephritis | 4 Nutrients to Try

Natural Treatments for Pyelonephritis | 4 Nutrients to Try

This video is about natural treatments for pyelonephritis, a kidney infection with a lot of inflammation. It affects adults and it affects children. We’re going to talk about some complementary treatments and complementary therapies that you should use. Some natural ones that have really shown benefit.

Pyelonephritis is a kidney infection okay generally comes from the bladder the urethra and it works its way up into the kidneys. The problem is this infection creates a lot of inflammation which can lead to scarring which damages your kidney and then you end up with chronic kidney disease. You’ve lost kidney function and now you have to deal with that so we’re going to talk about how to protect yourself from this happening if you do get it, how to prevent that kidney damage.

First of all you get your proper diagnosis so you know what’s going on. Take the antibiotics to kill that bacterial infection. In addition we have about four nutrients that you can take and these nutrients have a lot of research for helping prevent the scarring and symptoms. I’m going to go through just some of it quickly highlighting some of the research, some of the articles and I’ll talk about each of those nutrients and how much you should take.

So just going through a few journal articles here February 2013pediatric nephrology journal the effect of vitamin e or vitamin a on the prevention of renal scarring in children with acute pyelonephritis” had a very positive effect. I’ll just read the conclusions.

“vitamin a or e supplements were effective in reducing renal scarring secondary to acute pyelonephritis the renal journal of kidney disease march 2015 vitamin e is an adjuvant treatment for urinary tract infections uh in girls with acute pyelonephritis so showed that uh helped a lot of the signs and symptoms until it cleared up protective effects of omega-3 supplementation against renal scarring in children with acute pylonephritis results of a pilot clinical trial that’s the current pediatric review journal 2022″

So they all showed positive benefits. Probiotic prophylactics and prophylacticism and pyelonephritis infants with normal urinary tract. So that showed benefit. Also so we have four really good nutrients you should take focusing on these three, vitamin e vitamin a and omega-3. Those are the ones that really help the scarring, and they can help the symptoms the signs, but we’re really looking to prevent that scarring because we don’t want any kidney damage. Pyelonephritis can happen in some people over and over so this would really be good to use each time it happens.

Vitamin A , we’re looking at four to eight hundred ius or between 10 and 20 micrograms okay once to twice a day. In children, you want to use a lower dose like 400 ius and adults use a higher amount 800 ius vitamin. They sell pills between 5 000 and 25 000, so pick up one of those pills use one pill a day omega-3 super important really helped with the scarring. We have a lot of other videos that talk about omega-3 and what you’re looking for when you purchase an omega-3 because they’re not all created equal. You want that omega-3 with that high epa it’s a certain therapeutic property in omega-3s you can find it on the back label you want that to be at least a thousand milligrams of epa which really helps the scarring in children. It could be less but you want to use these and you can try probiotics at least 25 billion as a prophylaxis.

I did read another article that said it didn’t really work for pyloritis It maybe helped the symptoms maybe a small benefit but it seemed prophylactically would help. So if that’s happening recurring in your child or yourself over and over something you can try.