4 Science-Approved Ways To Naturally Lower BUN Levels With Kidney Disease

How To Lower BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) Levels In Blood With Kidney Disease?

In this video, Robert breaks down some natural ways to reduce your BUN levels with kidney disease. If your BUN levels in the blood are high with kidney disease, it can mean serious kidney damage. Diabetes and high blood pressure are two things that directly affect the kidneys and it can lead to elevated BUN levels. Low blood flow to your kidneys can raise BUN levels and make you dehydrated. Having high BUN levels can prove to be deadly if not managed properly, especially with kidney disease.


What Are BUN Levels?

Today’s video is about how to lower BUN (blood urea nitrogen) in your body and this is related to kidney disease. If you’re watching this video and you’re trying to learn about how to lower your BUN if you don’t have kidney issues it can still apply to you. There are still good tips here for whatever issues your BUN may be high. Let’s get into it let’s get your BUN level down or the BUN level of whoever you’re trying to get down by watching this video and I can guarantee if you do some of these things, you will lower that BUN level so BUN what is it you’ll see it on your blood work generally listed in capital letters BUN and it stands for blood urea nitrogen. Urea is metabolic waste, it is a part of protein metabolism or protein breakdown. You can also call it a toxin, it’s an easy way to refer to it. We like to refer to these things as just toxins.


BUN blood urea nitrogen is a level of how much toxins in your body because if that BUN is higher there’s another metabolic waste that we don’t measure on blood tests that will be higher also if that BUN is higher so you have a lot of toxins built up. That BUN is high.


Staying Hydrated

How we want to get it down first and foremost is water consumption, drinking water, good old H20 water because if you’re dehydrated your BUN will go high. Adequate water will bring your BUN level down. Now with kidney disease you may be restricted on your fluid intake so make sure before you go drinking excessive water that you’re okay to drink as much as you like if you have kidney issues because in some later stages you could have swelling you can be fluid restrictions so make sure you’re okay to drink enough water now there isn’t a general guideline of how much water you should drink, no one’s come out with the major organizations, no major data has said this amount is the perfect amount for kidney disease or kidney issues. We have some good guidelines but there is no perfect amount.


We definitely want you to stay hydrated, a lot of recommendations out there from the classic eight-ounce glasses per day to half your body weight in ounces is a pretty good one a pre-reliable one that we like to work with, and looking at a lot of urine tests over the years it looks like by half of your weight and body ounces is pretty good but don’t push yourself don’t, over-hydrate that’s not good especially if you have kidney issues because you could cause swelling and other complications. Make sure you can hydrate properly and check with your doctor okay so that’s the first, the water we got three more here.


Lowering Protein Intake

We have protein consumption so if urea comes from protein and the nitrogen comes from urea so that’s all coming from protein by lowering your protein you’re gonna have less fun and with kidney disease, we know lowering protein generally almost always helps the kidney and helps the kidney disease. With whatever issues you have there, lower your protein content if also we can look to switch to easier to digest protein ones that don’t cause as many toxins looking at fewer red meats. Even plant-based proteins are way better, that’s also another option okay.


Regular Bowel Movements

Another one is pooping regularly, having regular bowel movements in holistic medicine functional medicine natural medicine whatever you want to call it holistic health healing we always talk about poops, there are always courses on poops, bowel movements, good bowel health, and when it comes to kidney disease this is so important because that’s one way you get rid of that BUN that’s one big way you get rid of all those toxins is through your bowel movement so pooping regularly at least having one good poop a day is what we recommend. One good bowel movement if you have more that’s fine but you should have one good one and in kidney disease we see a lot of constipation a lot of gut problems I’ve been through the whole gamut of gut problems so having more water will help you have more fiber in your diet from fruits, vegetables, supplemental fibers will help, even showing now that laxatives even show benefit with people with kidney disease because when you poop regularly you also help control your potassium level.


If you have to use the safe laxative which is kidney-friendly, not a problem because we like you to poop, pooping is good so I think you get the point there.



Next probiotics, probiotics are good bacteria and if you’re new to our channel we have a lot of videos on probiotics and kidney health and what to do and fiber so check those out but probiotics are good bacteria for your digestive system. What happens with kidney issues is that it raises that BUN up and you may get dysbiosis which is an imbalance of all the bacteria that’s there so getting good bacteria in through probiotics will help big time to lower that BUN down and the more the better.


The more the better with probiotics, you really can’t overdose on it you want to build gradually but the magic number that you’re looking to get like from a pill or a supplement is 25 billion and up. Recently my BUN was elevated because I have a kidney transplant in my kidney issues, I’ve been taking 300 billion probiotics a day and it got my BUN back from an elevated level it wasn’t, it was maybe about 20 points higher than it should have been 15-20 points and got it down into a normal range.


People hear billions and you get nervous like billions that’s too many. 100 billion that’s got to be too much, no actually it’s not anywhere near too much and it’s actually not that much because when we talk about our gut health we have trillions of bacteria their trillions and we’re only just starting to learn about what all these do, we don’t even know most of them yet okay so we’re so in the infancy of learning about them so the more probiotics the better as it’ll get your BUN down faster, quicker and lower alright so don’t be afraid to go into those billions, they even sell products that are 400 billion. There’s a product on the market that’s a trillion, one trillion okay per satchel. It’s like a little powder satchel so the more billions the better.


That’s how you get the BUN down quickly fast so just to recap this video if you have elevated BUN, how do you want to get it down; water consumption, lowering your protein, regular poops, and bowel movements, and probiotics the more the better. A lot of other things you can do for your kidney health that’s the basics for your BUNs start there but so many good things check out our channel look at our website learn so much more about what you can do to improve your kidney health and from one kidney survivor to another, to your best kidney health everybody, bye.


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