Exercise and Kidney Disease. Reduce Mortality Risk By 52% Move Your Body

Improved muscle function, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, healthy body weight, and improved sleep are among some benefits that exercise provides for those with kidney disease. In a recent study conducted by the Nephrology News And Issues Journal in February 2021, the group studied older people with kidney disease who had a GFR of 30 or less.


As they observed the group of elderly people with kidney issues, the researchers compared the people who didn’t exercise to the people who had some sort of exercise or body movement. At the end of the study, they saw a 52% drop in death rates in the group of elderly people who exercised.


This study is an astonishing example of why you should incorporate some body movement if you have kidney disease. Exercising costs no money and is very convenient to carry out. Going for regular walks is one simple way to get your body moving.


With all the benefits that exercise brings, you will lower the stress on your kidneys. Sitting for long periods of time has shown to harm the kidneys and other organs in your body. Exercise also improves your blood flow and once you start moving around for a couple of weeks, you will notice the difference. 


If you have kidney disease, be mindful to include some body movement into your daily routine to lower your risk of death with chronic kidney disease. 


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