Noni Juice with Kidney Disease. Should You Say Yes or No?

In this distinctive video, Robert shows you how you should approach Noni juice with kidney disease. He goes through the negative traits of the fruit; Noni, and why it’s bad for those with kidney issues


Noni is a plant originating from India. It’s commonly found in health food stores as a juice blend. There has been some research showing the health effects of this juice but for people with kidney disease, these studies are simply far-fetched. 


Predominantly, Robert highly suggests staying away from Noni juice due to its high potassium content. It’s similar to tomato juice and orange juice, both of which have a high potassium content. Various studies reviewed some case reports where people with kidney disease had developed hyperkalemia by drinking Noni juice. 


Individuals with kidney disease who have maintained their potassium levels at a stable rate may consume a very little amount (0.5 oz. – 1 oz.) of this juice as it’s extremely high in potassium. Overall, he recommends people with kidney disease to ‘SAY NO’ to ‘NONI JUICE’. 



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