Here Are 5 Kidney-Friendly Nuts You Can Eat With Kidney Disease

Eating nuts with kidney disease is an interesting topic as nuts can be high in phosphorus and as we all know, damaged kidneys cannot remove excess phosphorus from your blood. Some kidney patients even use a phosphorus binder to combat this issue but that shouldn’t stop you from eating nuts in a kidney disease diet. People with kidney disease who have high levels of phosphorus may need to avoid or limit nuts but for the rest, nuts can be moderately enjoyed with kidney disease. 


This video is about the best nuts for kidney disease and yes I’m talking about nuts and kidney disease because the old way of thinking the outdated way I think is nuts aren’t good for kidney disease. In fact, they are healthy, nutritious, delicious, and great for kidney disease and if your doctor tells you to avoid nuts without having a real issue with nuts meaning you don’t have a high phosphorus level, you need to give them the recent updates of the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) which are the up-to-date nutrition recommendations by all.


Major kidney societies in the US and nutrition societies all agree and one big part in there is plant-based diets. We have a copy of this on our website, we also have other videos about it but let’s get into nuts for kidney disease. Yes, you could have some nuts depending on which one, so I got a little research here to crunch on this fresh look at nuts for renal nutrition. This was in the Journal of Nutrition, March 2017 if you need to look that up or give that to your doctor.


They broke down nuts they talked about nuts and why you should consider having a small portion with a kidney disease diet as they’re good for everybody they’re good for diabetics because they don’t raise blood sugar they’re good for kidney autoimmune diseases they’re good for blood pressure you want to get them raw and unsalted. At the minimum, you could get them roasted but raw unsalted is preferred, it’s the healthiest way, and if you’re gonna start adding them into your diet start with like a quarter cup two ounces or what’s considered as a good handful and you can use that to replace a snack add it into a meal and replace of maybe an unfriendly kidney food.


Now here are the five nuts based on not having a lot of phosphorus content: the lower phosphorus lower to moderate protein. If you don’t have a phosphorus issue you might want to have other nuts but if you want to stay on that safe side these five nuts are hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts.


Those are the five that are the most kidney-friendly based on those metrics of being lower phosphorus lower to moderate protein if you want to you can reference that journal search online and you’ll see all the nuts and the breakdowns that they go to but and that’s my review of that literature those are the five best nuts in my opinion because of all those metrics so start having a little bit of them in your diet to help your kidney health thanks for watching everybody like, subscribe, comment we got lots of videos on our channel about food and what you can do to help yourself, bye.


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