Oats In A Kidney Disease Diet? Are Oats Acceptable With Kidney Disease & CKD?


Oats have historically shown a variety of benefits for all parts of the body. Its high fiber content helps support optimal gut health. Oats also contain many useful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

For people dealing with kidney disease, typically, a renal diet is followed, and depending on their situation, it may be low in protein and other favorite foods may be restricted. Today, we’re talking about how oats can fit into a renal diet as one question frequently arises, “Can I Fit Oats Into A Renal Diet?”. In this video, Robert elaborates extensively on whether or not you should be having oats with kidney disease.

Oats are an awesome grain and there are many ways you can incorporate into your kidney disease diet. We’re referencing a study from the Clinical Nutritional Journal, February 2018, where they undertake some serious research. This study goes to show why oats can actually be beneficial even for someone dealing with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

According to the study, they found out that people who ate oats with CKD had slightly finer potassium levels and albumin levels. This observation reveals the positive effects of oats on the body. Oats can be effortlessly included in many kidney-friendly diets like a very low protein diet (VLPD), a diet with animal protein, a vegetarian diet, a DASH diet, etc.

However, while shopping for oats at your local supermarket, be mindful to avoid the “instant oats” as they’re generally refined and tend to have a greater glycemic index. This may further elevate your blood sugar levels which can be highly unfavorable, especially for a diabetic kidney disease sufferer.

Whole oats are definitely the way to go when it comes to choosing what type of oats to incorporate into your CKD diet. Steel-cut oats are easily found in almost every supermarket. This is the type of oats that diabetic people should opt for as it doesn’t raise the blood sugar levels as much. To find out if you have diabetic kidney disease, you should check your blood sugar levels before and after.

Steel-cut oats also go together with animal protein if that is something you prefer. Some egg whites are always a great choice since they’re kidney-friendly. Some CKD-friendly nuts and seeds can be added for additional crunch. Oatmeal cookies are another safe kidney-friendly snack for those dealing with kidney issues.

If you’re trying to go for a low protein diet, instead of egg whites, you can just add more oil to help bing everything and hold it together while still delivering an awesome flavor. These are just some ways of many that you can modify an oat recipe for it to be kidney-friendly.

So there you have it, oats are a wonderful breakfast option that can easily fit in a renal diet. In addition, oats are seriously kidney-friendly and can be extremely delicious once you complementing it with some frozen berries, some kidney-friendly sweeteners like maple syrup, and other ingredients that you desire. Have your blood sugar levels checked before and after, if you have diabetic kidney disease. 

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