Omega-3 and Kidney Function, More Evidence Of Benefit For Kidney Health

Researchers have found a possible benefit for for supporting normal kidney function in omega-3. Polyunsaturated fatty acids could support kidney function, such as inflammatory reduction, and reduce
blood pressure, while lowering triglyceride levels.

Serious kidney problems are where the kidneys stop functioning or function in a reduced capacity. Over time, toxins and wastes build up in the bloodstream, causing damage to organs. One of the dangers kidney sufferers face is cardiovascular disease.

At 3 months during a study, patients receiving the active supplement were given an increase in their omega-3 indexes (3.1% to 5.5%). While there was no improvement in albuminuria, patients
maintained their pulse wave velocity, while controls had an increase.

Triglyceride levels were also shown to go down in omega-3 individuals. Twelve patients in the control group and fourteen patients taking omega-3 reported mild gastrointestinal symptoms, but these were quickly diminished once acclimated to the dosage.

For more information about the benefits of fish oil on kidney problem sufferers, be sure to check out our most recent video about the subject.