Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Cats & Dogs With Kidney Disease

Healthy Kidney Inc. deals with a lot of people and pets with kidney issues. We work very hard to make sure we provide the right tools and information to support normal kidney function for you and your pets. Modifications in diet, beneficial supplements, and other lifestyle changes are some of the ways we help achieve optimal kidney health.


In today’s video, Robert shares the benefits of Kidney Shield for Cats & Dogs; a high dosage omega 3 fatty acids supplement. ‘Kidney Shield for Cats & Dogs’ is an Omega-3 with high levels of EPA and DHA. The EPA from omega-3 fatty acids is a very crucial component for optimal kidney health and most vets would recommend this to cats and dogs that start to experience kidney issues. 


If your cat or dog has kidney disease, always, and always try to go for a high-quality omega 3 that has a strong EPA value. You can always check the label for more details regarding EPA and DHA.


In Kidney Shield for Cats & Dogs, the EPA content is around 500 mg for one tablespoon/one full pump. It comes with a detachable pump and the omega 3s in the product are coming from wild-caught salmon which are sustainably sourced as opposed to farmed salmon. Vitamin A & E are included in the Kidney Shield for Cats & Dogs in the form of beta carotene to better manage the antioxidants in your pet’s kidneys. 


If your cat or dog has kidney disease and you’re looking for a high dosage probiotic supplement to help clear out those toxins and improve inflammation, check out Kidney Restore for Cats & Dogs. 


No matter where you get your supplements for your pets with kidney issues, be sure to follow the guidelines from this video as choosing the right supplements can go a long way. 



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