Phosphorus Binder For People That Is Natural | Phosphate Binder For Kidney Health

High phosphorus levels are a common outcome when you have kidney disease. Your kidneys will have trouble removing the excess phosphorus and high phosphorus levels can cause damage to your kidney and other parts of your body. Excess phosphorus in your body can make your bones weaker by pulling calcium out of your bones. 


To combat this issue, you can avoid high-phosphorus foods or you can use a strong, high dose phosphorus binder. In the video, Robert also mentions how high phosphorus levels can stress the kidneys and lead to an acceleration of the loss of kidney function.


PhosFix is an all-natural phosphorus binder from our company Healthy Kidney Inc. Robert breaks down the key ingredients in PhosFix and tells us why they are so crucial in managing high phosphorus levels. Another way to approach this video is by reading about the ingredients mentioned so you can get them on your own if your care provider approves of it. 


The main, key ingredient in PhosFix is Niacinamide B3. It’s shown to reap multiple benefits in managing high phosphorus levels by blocking phosphorus absorptions from foods in the gut. Niacinamide B3 is one of the safest ingredients that help combat high cholesterol levels and maintains healthy lipid levels. This ensures a lower chance of risk of any cardiovascular heart diseases that are common when you have kidney issues. 


Fos and Inulin are two prebiotics found in PhosFix. They help support the growth of probiotics which then help clear out the kidney toxins. Probiotics have also been found to reduce the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD). 


Chitosan is our third ingredient and it comes from shellfish. Chitosan helps absorb the excess phosphorus and gets rid of the kidney toxins as well. Lower urea and lower creatinine levels are another positive outcome of chitosan for anyone with kidney problems. 


All these signature ingredients help promote improved kidney health and if you’re looking to pick something to try it yourself, you can pick the niacinamide. In PhosFix, we use 550 mg of niacinamide per pill. It’s easily availbable on Amazon and our website. 


In conclusion, individuals with kidney disease should have good knowledge about these ingredients as they can help better your kidney function. To manage high phosphorus levels, use a phosphorus binder like PhosFix and try to stay away from high-phosphorus foods in general. 



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