Plant Based Protein Powder and Kidney Disease – Throw It Out or Use It? Alternatives?

This video is in response to a question we got in our email earlier today. “CAN I USE A PLANT-BASED PROTEIN POWDER IF I HAVE KIDNEY DISEASE?”

Now to start off, the answer to that question is Yes, but, there is a better option and that’s what we’re going to talk about. Protein powders are typically suggested to people with kidney disease when they show low protein levels.

The issue with taking protein powder is that it puts a lot of stress on the kidneys. With vegetarian sources of protein powder, they may put less stress on the kidneys than animal-based protein sources.

Many plant-based protein powders are available on the market. Some made out of rice, peas, soy protein powders, and a whole bunch of other combinations. The protein they contain may put some stress on the kidneys but it will be easier than other animal-based protein sources.

In retrospect, taking a protein in a powder form may just end up hurting your kidneys as you’ll be consuming a lot of protein in one serving. This will wear out more kidney cells and may lead to more loss in your kidney function.

Now, we’re going to dive into an obscure option that is way better than taking plant-based or animal-based protein powder. A lot of patients and medical professionals are unaware of this discovery but a better option for intaking protein is to take essential amino acids. Amino acids make up protein and the essential ones are collected through one’s diet.

The reason you’d want to choose essential amino acids over other options is that with amino acids, you get all those essential amino acids that makeup protein but in a broken-down form which eliminates all toxins hence, putting minimal stress on the kidneys.

There’s a lot of essential amino acids you can find. We have a PURE KIDNEY essential amino acid formula and it comes in a pill form. You can grind it up and use it as a powder form or you can purchase a powder online.

Some reliable and trusted brands to get your essential amino acids are NOW Foods and Nature’s 9. Nature’s 9 Powder essential amino acids are specially formulated for high absorption. You can find it here. 

Many different brands also use artificial sweeteners so be mindful of that when you shop for these powders. The two brands mentioned above can be easily found on Amazon. We recommend taking those essential amino acids to intake protein without stressing out your kidneys. 

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