Pollution And Kidney Disease, Campers With Kidney Disease BEWARE !! You Could Make Your Kidney Worse

With a lot of activities remaining closed during this summer, people are flocking to campgrounds as an escape from whatever is going on in the world at the moment. There are some things you need to keep in mind if you’re an individual with kidney disease or if you’re undergoing dialysis. Here in this video, Robert talks about the negative effects of pollution on the kidneys and breaks down safety measures to follow during camping with your friends and family. He also includes some tips for those directly dealing with kidney disease.

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Nearly 22% of the global burden of disease and 23% of deaths are attributable to environmental pollution. The general public is inevitably exposed to environmental pollutants. The kidney is one organ that is particularly vulnerable to toxic effects from environmental pollutants owing to its filtration functions. Most environmental toxins are concentrated by the kidney during filtration. The most common cause of kidney disease worldwide, especially in developing countries is due to environmental and occupational exposures to pollutants. In addition, exposure to heavy metals may lead to acute and chronic kidney injury.

Several epidemiologic studies suggest that ambient fine particulate matter of 2.5um in aerodynamic diameter air pollution is associated with increased risk of incident CKD, CKD progression, and ESRD. It is also believed that PM2.5 pollution is linked with an increased risk of death due to kidney disease. It is estimated that 17%-20% of the global toll of CKD burden may be attributable to PM2.5 pollution and that the burden is unevenly distributed geographically and is more heavily tilted toward low and low-middle income countries, which might be least equipped to deal with the adverse health consequences of air pollution. Beyond its effect on the kidneys, PM2.5 air pollution contributes to 8.9 million deaths per year globally.

We live in a world where health risks go up when air quality goes down. Fine particles can harm the kidneys in the same way they damage other organs such as the heart and lungs. Airborne and invisible, microscopic pieces of dust, dirt, smoke, and liquid droplets often become destructive when they invade the bloodstream. The kidneys then filter the blood, and these harmful particles can disrupt normal kidney function. Studies show that even low levels of particulate matter may adversely affect the kidneys. And those adverse effects increase as pollution levels increase. The higher the levels of air pollution, the worse it is for the kidneys.

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