Is Soy The Perfect Food For A Polycystic Kidney Disease Diet | PKD

Polycystic Kidney Disease And Soy Products
Polycystic kidney disease diet, and the soy products that come along, and how replacing your animal products with some soy products are more beneficial for PKD. Now, polycystic kidney disease there are two main types and they’re both an inherited genetic disorder and what happens is the kidneys begin to develop cysts in them. And those cysts continue to grow and grow and grow until they damage the kidney where you’re in kidney failure. Now PKD years ago used to definitely mean kidney failure not anymore because we have so much more information on what you can do to help yourself. PKD and what can you do about it so one of the things we know is that replacing your animal products with soy proteins like tofu and tempeh natto. Which are also very delicious foods.
Which are also fermented soybeans and it helps the PKD. It helps to assist and we’ve got studies going back to the journal the American society of nephrology February 1999, the European Journal of renal nutrition, June 2014. We have lots of research on these main animals but we also know that from other studies in soy with people that have kidney disease how beneficial it is it’s an easier protein for your kidneys to filter out the toxins that come from protein metabolism it’s lower in phosphorus it’s a plant-based protein so the phosphorus doesn’t absorb well and what you want to do is you don’t want to add it on to your other proteins meaning, I’m going to have my usual animal protein and have the soy protein.
Soy And Animal Protein For Polycystic Kidney Disease Diet
No, you want to get rid of the animal protein and have that soy protein in its place and you know they theorize a lot of different reasons why the soy proteins may help desist with PKD from phytoestrogens which are plant estrogens that show a lot of health benefits to a lot of different nutrients that are in there is a plant-based protein so you have PKD you want to start transitioning to some soy in your diet you don’t have to do it 100 generally don’t recommend that but at least start replacing some meals and you can do it with tofu is one of my favorite things my favorite soy products to have when I’m having soy easy to cook you can do a lot of things with a lot of varieties. If you’re eating out in Chinese restaurants, Chinese takeout places will always have soy tempeh tofu on the menu and they usually have it in the healthy section where you can get it steamed you can get it with vegetables no salt so that’s often something that I go to when I’m eating out with family or friends.
There are cases when I say “let’s eat Chinese” right it works for people with kidney disease Chinese food Chinese takeout because of the healthier options you can get on there if you do get any sauces always on the side any sauces that you use on the side so you can dip your fork in it to get a little flavor and then into your food so you’re not consuming a lot of the additives and typically salt that comes with sauces so look at soy look at some soy recipes you got PKD you want to definitely consider adding it in and as I mentioned there are so many more things you can do with PKD we have another video on our channel so check that out about resveratrol a nutrient or a supplement you can get that comes from grapes also found in the wine you don’t want to drink wine.
PKD And Kidney Disease Diet
you can have some red grapes but resveratrol in the pill form really helps PKD there’s also a medication that was approved about a year ago for PKD so you can talk to your doctor about it and the good thing is that it’s an old medication so it’s been out there a while so as long as you’re detected early they find out you have the PKD early there are so many things that you can do to really help yourself and avoid kidney failure and avoid those later stages of kidney disease or at least drastically slow down getting their resveratrol soy protein to talk to your doctor about the medication take a look at our blog website about other things you can do and all the other nutritional recommendations like a lower salt diet also apply to PKD so all these good things can help you.