Polycystic Kidney Disease | Losing Weight Slows Cyst Growth in PKD


Polycystic Kidney Disease | Losing Weight Slows Cyst Growth in PKD

Today we’re discussing polycystic kidney disease, and how losing weight slows cyst growth in pkd. We’re going to cite a little reference and what this means for anybody out there that has pkd which is cyst growth within the kidney.

So you have these cysts that grow and they keep growing and damaging the kidney and that keeps progressing the kidney disease. This comes from the Journal of iScience, January 2022 weight loss and cystic disease progression and autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.

What they found people that were overweight or obese when they lost weight by sticking to either two types of diets; one was intermittent fasting, and one was just reduce calorie intake, they lost weight and it slowed down their cyst growth. This is really good information for anybody who has pkd and is overweight or obese. This is something that you can do, you can just lose weight and you can do it two different ways.

They did it through intermittent fasting and then reducing calorie intake, which is basically just not eating as much, having less portions, maybe skipping some snacks. So that’s two different ways to go about it. At the end they found the same result that people when they lost weight they slowed down their cysts growth and the only difference was that people on the reduced calories per day as opposed to intermittent fasting they found more people were compliant in the long term, meaning they stuck to it for the long term.

Some people find it easier because they get to eat something whenever they want just, reducing the amounts. There’s no restrictions, and so that was the difference. People that did the intermittent fasting some of them found it harder to stick with that. So if you have pkd and you’re overweight or obese, weight loss is really important. So start looking to reduce your calories, reduce the amount of food you’re consuming, exercise get a good weight loss plan. We have more videos about pkd.