CKD Prevention By Pyramid Portioning Your Food Could Be Key, New Study Suggests

NOTE: This article is about CKD prevention, if you already have been diagnosed with kidney issues, be sure to check out one of our numerous articles regarding healthy kidney diets.

Researchers have new information on the benefits of proper nutrition for those at risk of chronic kidney problems. Nutrition is something that we often talk about here at Healthy Kidney Inc. and that’s because it’s such a vital component of ensuring you preserve as much function as possible for as long as possible. Something we don’t usually get into as much is the subject of CKD prevention and, more specifically, what you can do if you have a family history of kidney problems but don’t yet have any and want to keep it that way? This brings us to the subject of the latest study we’re showcasing today.

In this new study, researchers examined the ratio of calories from macronutrients that study participants consumed, the goal being to identify a healthy balance, key for CKD prevention. Looking at 567,000 participants, they put the baseline for macronutrition ratios at 50% carbohydrates, 35% fats, and 15% protein. Researchers found higher protein intake was associated with lower risk of CKD and end-stage renal disease. But, those who ate more fat were at a greater risk for the condition. We can see from this that making sure your diet is balanced, with sensible portions and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential to safeguarding your kidneys and ensuring the best possible CKD prevention, regardless of risk factors.

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