Post Transplant Diet | What to Eat to Make your Kidney Transplant Last


Post Transplant Diet | What to Eat to Make your Kidney Transplant Last

So this video is about post transplant diet, and is part of our series of how to keep your kidney transplant as long as possible. If you haven’t watched our other videos, there is so much valuable good information you can take to improve your own and help your own kidney transplant. So let’s get into it.

Transplantation proceedings. That’s the Journal, Volume 54, Issue 2, March 2022, and the title of this study was “Prevalence Rate of Proteinuria and Metabolic Acidosis Among Kidney Transplant Recipients in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital and its Relationship to Dietary Intakes.” They looked at people with kidney transplants, and what they found was that if you eat a high protein diet, you have a really high risk of proteinuria, and you run a higher risk of losing your transplant.

So the conclusion is the prevalence rate of proteinuria is consistent with published literature. 1. 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is a risk factor of proteinuria and may have negative impact on kidney transplant recipient outcome.

You don’t want to eat a lot of protein with a kidney transplant. You definitely don’t want to eat a lot of animal protein. Prefer the vegetarian proteins as they are easier on the kidney. I would look to try to keep it around 0. 8 for a transplant per kilogram of body weight. Choose high-quality protein sources: Even if you are consuming a low amount of protein, it’s essential to focus on high-quality protein sources that are easy to digest and contain all the essential amino acids.

Examples of such sources include lean meats, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, and plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, and tofu. You may want to consider even cutting off meet all together and going completely plant based if you have a kidney transplant This has shown great results. To your best kidney health everyone.