Probiotics And Kidney Disease | A Must Use Kidney Health Supplement

Probiotics And Kidney Disease

Probiotics and kidney disease is a very well-known topic because of how most know it as good bacteria for your digestive system. Good bacteria, we know that there are trillions of bacteria, we don’t know 100% actually but we’re learning so much about the human body every single day it’s amazing but we know that we have estimated trillions of bacteria in your digestive system that have so many good functions. Now we do know a lot of these and we’re learning and studying every day and one thing we know about kidney health is that having more of that good bacteria it does amazing things for your kidney. It helps support your kidney and your body in so many different ways and what happens when you have kidney issues is those probiotics get all out of balance from a variety of things.
Research done April 2021 critical reviews in food service and nutrition journal probiotics prebiotics symbiotics for improvement of metabolic profiles in patients with CKD found healthier inflammation levels, healthier oxidative stress levels, and healthier lipid profiles. That’s cholesterol levels by people who took probiotics and I’ve always recommended probiotics with a prebiotic so we can grow better and replicate faster. A prebiotic is the food for the probiotic symbiotics are when you take those two things together, they call them symbiotic journal of nephrology very prestigious journal in the U.S,  January 2021 protein-bound uremic toxin lowering strategies and CKD so kidney toxins uranic toxins I always like to call it kidney toxins because of a lot of people like uranium toxins. What’s that kidney toxins oh kidney toxins build up in the body when your kidneys aren’t doing well probiotics prebiotics help get rid of them an amazing great benefit. 
Studies And Overall Benefits 
Another journal article current pharmaceutical biotechnology 2021 effect of a probiotic preparation on inflammatory cytokines and chronic kidney disease so inflammation that we’re looking at an inflammation was had healthier inflammation levels by people who took probiotics another journal frontiers in nutrition made 2021 effective probiotic combinations an experimental mouse model and patients with CKD so they looked at a mouse they looked at mouses and then they looked at people too so they had two parts to this study and found that it probiotics may improve a renal function so that’s also a great thing so probiotics you definitely have to have them if you’re looking to supplement with to help support your kidney health as I mentioned in other videos minimum 25 billion per day really more is better.
There are many combinations out there but they do so many good things for your kidney health that you have to have them and they have minimal side effects which is a great thing all right so we have our own probiotic prebiotic product with a combination of other things called kidney restore that you can always check out and see how that supports kidney health but regardless. just take the 10 minutes or so to look at our other four videos learn all about probiotic combinations probiotic drinks and just take them. pick them up locally online just start them today because it’s going to do so many good things all those good bacteria they could start healthy like a healthy way to eliminate all those toxins doing so many good things from your heart to your kidneys and just supporting good health.