Probiotics, Prebiotics, Symbiotics and Kidney Health & Kidney Function

The use of probiotics, prebiotics, and symbiotics have long helped people with kidney issues. In this video, Robert emphasizes the benefits of having ‘good bacteria’ in your system in order to fight those kidney toxins. This information is coming from the Journal of Critical Reviews In Food Science & Nutrition. 


During the meta-analysis, the researchers found out that the use of probiotics, prebiotics, and symbiotics drastically improved metabolic profiles in people with kidney disease. Probiotics are the ‘good bacteria’ that your body needs to get rid of the ‘bad bacteria’.


They help support proper toxin levels and promotes a healthier inflammation level. In addition, probiotics help support a better LDL level (bad cholesterol), better glutathione levels (antioxidant levels) and help support a good HDL level (good cholesterol). They found out that the TAC levels (total antioxidant capacity) were improved and antioxidants can always help your body combat bad things like viruses, and diseases. 


In conclusion, the research unveiled numerous benefits of probiotics for those with kidney issues. Symbiotics is a name commonly used for taking a combination of prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics help the probiotics grow. For anyone looking to support good kidney health with a trusted probiotic supplement, you can check out our Kidney Restore probiotic supplement. It’s loaded with over 15 billion CFU per capsule


Regardless of what brand you choose, having enough knowledge about probiotics can be very beneficial in supporting good kidney health.



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