Probiotics and Kidney Disease | Probiotics With Low Protein Diet Benefits

Probiotics and Kidney Disease | Probiotics With Low Protein Diet Benefits

This video is about probiotics and kidney disease how they’re beneficial with kidney disease and how probiotics when done with a low protein diet are extremely beneficial for anybody with kidney disease.

The first reference is from the journal of nutrients January 23 2022, “compliance, adherence, and concordance differently predict the improvement of uremic and microbial toxins and chronic kidney disease on a low protein diet.” That’s the first one. Second one we have April 14, 2022 the journal of nutrients journal nutrients is a great journal they put out a lot of stuff with kidney disease so the title is “probiotic supplemented low protein diet for microbiota modulation in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease.” They nicknamed this study the prolo ckd results from a placebo-controlled randomized trial.

This study I just questioned here 60 people, so you got like 60 and 57, not too bad. What they did was these people were on low protein diets for kidney disease which is shown to be one of the most therapeutic diets if you have kidney disease and you’re able to be on it. We have a lot of other videos that talk about the protein amounts calculations, but what it showed was that people that went on these low protein diets had less kidney toxins. Uremic toxins build up in their body and if you keep these kidney toxins low you have better health throughout your whole body and your kidney health.

So the first study where they used the probiotics and a low protein diet they showed a reduction in microbiota toxins also reduction in antihypertensive and diuretic medications was possible in the probiotics group. It wasn’t possible in the low protein but when they did the low protein with the probiotics they were able to reduce some medication and that’s something you do with your doctor. You don’t do that on your own. You can go on the diet and the probiotics on your own, but if you’re going to reduce meds you gotta gotta do it with your doctor.

In addition to this it also showed a controlled microbiota derived and pro-arthrogenic toxins. Pro-arthrogenic toxins are toxins that are bad for your vascular system. That’s also a big problem with kidney disease, so that’s another benefit. The first study that I quoted which was just a low protein demonstrates that lpd low protein diet may improve the control of traditional uremic toxins and arthrogenic toxins in people that are inherent and compliant with the diet. So lots of benefits from a low protein diet.

If you’re a candidate you really want to consider it. You can always do your before and after blood work. If you need to do the probiotics, which you should it’s a really great idea because it’s safe for everybody with kidneys you even get more benefits and they did cite other benefits in here but those are the main ones. You’re gonna have less kidney toxins being produced. They didn’t check gfr and creatinine in here and cholesterol and a lot of other markers that we know benefit when you’re on a low protein diet. So something very simple most people can do a low protein diet. We have a lot of other videos that talk about that and probiotics and we have a lot of other videos that talk about probiotics, so two things to consider.