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“How To Improve Kidney Function and Safeguard Your Kidneys From Further Damage – Introducing An All Natural Step-by-Step Program, Proven To Start Helping Your Kidneys Today!”


More Than 12,000 people have “tested” this all natural kidney restoration program and their own results prove… it’s helping their kidneys… and it is drastically improving quality of their lives!


The All Natural Kidney Health And Kidney Function Restoration Program!

The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program™ is a compilation of the best and most effective natural remedies for kidney problems from around the world. It is meant as a complement to your allopathic, conventional or standard medical care, not a replacement.

I’m blowing the lid off what doctor’s don’t know! They’re taught in medical school how to treat kidney disease with drugs, dialysis and transplants and they stick to the book. They simply don’t teach diet, nutrition or natural therapies in medical school and thats my expertise I want to you fill you in on. 

You’ve probably heard over and over from doctors and specialists that kidney disease only runs in one direction and that’s from bad to worse. I know how frightened and frustrated and angry this must make you feel. But imagine for just one moment. What if doctors and specialists do not know everything there is to know about chronic kidney disease and what if there are real options that can help.

When you have this easy to understand kidney health program in your hands you can make better informed decisions about what’s ‘the right thing to do’ to support your kidney function and return your body’s kidneys to natural wellness! You may even be able to postpone or avoid dialysis or a transplant forever. 

Learn How To Improve Your Kidney Function With The “No Dialysis Needed” All Natural Kidney Function Restoration Program!

  • Exactly what are the best diets for reducing the stress on your kidneys. What kidney friendly foods to eat and which unfriendly kidney foods to avoid in easy to follow lists. With two diet plans to choose from you will find one that fits your lifestyle … 


  • The “must have” insurance covered tests that most medical doctors don’t know or don’t use. But it’s important if you have kidney problems …


  • There are preferred cooking methods that prevent kidney cell damage and complications. Even using some of the methods sometimes can help your kidneys …


  • Herbal teas are an age old healing tradition. Learn the 3 herbal teas research shows having benefits for the kidneys …. 


  • Find out the name of the delicious natural sweetener used for 20 years in Brazil and Japan to treat high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease…


  • Did you know lemons, cabbage, and blueberries have powerful healing antioxidants that reverses kidney cell damage? This is just some of the information you’ll learn …


  • The healing oils to use in your cooking, and raw that can stop kidney damage from certain toxins…


  • The kidney restoring diets are easy to follow with lists and grocery store shopping lists included …


  • The “Core Natural Supplement Program” … covers the exact supplements, what they are, how they improve your kidneys, dosages to use, and 100% Safe FDA approved with third party tested companies and exact products…


  • The common grocery store item which can help most peoples chronic kidney problems …


  • The 2 Chinese herbs that may stop kidney disease from progressing …


  • The good bacterias, you need, which cleanses and removes deadly kidney toxins …


  • The tasteless fiber that can remove kidney damaging toxins popular among Middle Eastern Doctors for kidney disease …


  • A special Indian herbal remedy studied by the National Institute of Health (NIH) that improves diabetic kidney disease …


  • The natural hormone that restores the kidneys “antioxidants -cell healing nutrients” which are low in kidney disease and helps the common problems of poor sleep …


  • How To Read A Food Label to understand nutrients and know what you are eating. This is a great reference to know how much of good or bad things you are putting in your body …


  • If your on dialysis or have a kidney transplants: What you can use from the All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program to live a good quality of life, improved lab numbers or how to keep your transplant kidney healthy so it can last you as long as possible…


  • The common prescription, over the counter medications and drugs which you want to stay away from. I guarantee you will be mad no one told you some of these before…


  • And many more incredible kidney health boosting methods than can help you …

I Have To Be Honest This Program Isn’t For Everyone

This program can help if you have a Glomular Filtration Rate (GFR) greater than 15ml/min and you don’t have any other major organ failure. You have to be willing to make some dietary changes and follow my recommendations. If your GFR is below 15ml/min, this program is still beneficial, but it is more for improving your quality of life. In some cases your best option is dialysis, as your kidney maybe too fair gone. However, you can always send us an email with questions and we will provide an honest response of what can be done.

Bonus Materials

When You Order Today, You’ll Receive 5 Bonuses Worth Hundreds of Dollars!

kidney diet plan Your Special Bonus # 1 is…

“The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program Diet Plan”

You get a 14-day easy-to-follow menu plan with recipes and snacks … In fact we just updated it with another diet plan with more choices, so you have the option of choosing which diet is best for you. 

Quick meal plans to prepare with no trips to special grocery stores. Each day contains breakfast, lunch and dinner with 1 to 2 optional snacks. All nutritionally balanced to reduce stress on the kidneys, control mineral imbalances and maximize your healing. It also includes a section on making your own meals and how to adjust recipes to make them kidney friendly.

Also “Tips for Eating Out Section” which covers all major restaurants to make a kidney friendly choice.

Value: $39.95 yours FREE

kidney diet potassium content Your Special Bonus # 2 is…

“The Definitive Guide To Potassium Content Of Foods” Over 1,000 Foods Listed

Potassium is an important nutrient needed for your heart, muscles and is controlled by your kidneys. When you have kidney problems your potassium may increase to high levels leading to further decline in kidney function and possibly heart problems.

This guide will help you choose low potassium foods to help your kidneys and your health.

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!

kidney diet protein content book Your Special Bonus # 3 is…

“The Definitive Guide To Protein Content Of Foods” Over 1,000 Foods Listed

Controlling your protein consumption is crucial to helping your kidneys. This guide gives you the information to know how much protein is in foods, so you can make the best choice for better kidney health…

Protein foods contain high amounts of the mineral called phosphorus. In kidney disease phosphorus may build up to toxic levels. By regulating your protein consumption you also control your phosphorus at the same time. 

The “The Definitive Guide To Protein Content Of Foods” also controls your phosphorus levels allowing for the best kidney health you can have. Two uses for one guide!

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!

kidney diet grocery list Your Special Bonus # 4 is…

“The Kidney Diet Grocery Shopping List”

A Grocery Shopping List … as simple as printing it out and bringing it with you to the store. A convenient easy to follow list and it’s printable, so you can take it with you when you do your shopping!

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!

kidney diet tracking sheets Your Special Bonus # 5 is…

“The Kidney Diet Tracking Sheets”

You receive diet tracking sheets you can easily print and can keep track of what you eat to help you stay on track.

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!


kidney diet support Your Last Super Bonus …

The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program offers Exclusive One-On-One Email Coaching …

Included is FREE professional private email coaching, advice and guidance from a certified nutritionist, naturopath, and kidney disease sufferer.

When you order the program you get email access to me. A life-long researcher who is always just an email away. If in any time you feel confused, unsure of something or want personal recommendations answered. This advice is priceless.

You can email me,, after your order. Usually you’ll get an answer in 24-48 hours.

Value: $197 – Yours FREE!



This Program Is So Powerful We Devoted An Entire Website To It With More Information, Customers Experiences, Frequently Asked Questions and More



healthy kidney guarantee As always, your order today is protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program, simply contact our support department at for a prompt refund. No hidden fees, no questions asked.




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