Protein Energy Wasting in CKD | Fix to Improve Your Quality of Life


Protein Energy Wasting in CKD | Fix to Improve Your Quality of LifeĀ 

This video is about protein energy wasting in CKD, what it is and how to fix it in when this happens in chronic kidney disease. In chronic kidney disease, it becomes a derangement in your nutrients so you don’t absorb your nutrients like you’re supposed to. And it can lead to being fatigued.

It can lead to the acceleration of the kidney disease, acceleration of complications, heart issues, so many, so many things, plus a decreased quality of life.

There is no effective modern conventional medicine treatment for this. They tell you to eat more protein, but then that’s terrible for your kidneys and that actually makes the problem worse of protein energy wasting, because now you are stressing your kidneys out further with all this excess protein.

Now you got the toxins of the protein. So we’re gonna talk about how to fix it. So this piece of research I wanna reference is from the journal of. Nephrology April, 2023. Gut microbiota disturbances in protein, energy wasting chronic kidney disease, and narrative review.

It is a complex syndrome in which inflammation and retention of uremic toxins are two main factors are a few factors involved in this, but those two are really important. So if you’re diagnosed with protein energy waste, here are a couple things you’re going to do.

Even if you’re eating protein, your albumin is gonna be lower on your blood test, it’s gonna be below four. Now, to improve that, your doctors and most people are gonna tell you to eat more protein, eat more protein, because it’s the only thing they know to try to help it.

They don’t know any other way. So if you do that, you’re gonna make your situation worse. What you want to do is either keep the protein intake you have or restrict it a little. Not a lot, just a little bit. Maybe 20 grams a day, but you need to get protein in so you can get that protein through essential amino acids.

Or what’s preferred is keto analogs of essential amino acids. That’s a way to get protein without stressing your kidneys, without getting a bunch of metabolic toxins. We have other videos that talk about this.

Next, you want to make sure you’re getting all your proper nutrients. I do recommend a multivitamin. Vitamin E, one pill twice a day. You can take omega-3. A high dose of that. Curcumin, preferably a really high absorption 1500 milligrams per day. you can take c0q10, another one.

CoQ 0, 200 milligrams. Cordyceps can be upwards of 2000 milligrams a day. You gotta pick at least three to four of these to do if you. If conventional medicine has no treatments, not one little, two little pills or something isn’t gonna work, but it will work if you take a few different things.