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Protein For Cats With Kidney Disease


Protein for cats with kidney disease is very important for their overall health. When your cat has kidney disease, you want to lower the amount of protein. Robert suggests not get rid of protein in your diet because they’re carnivores and that’s what they have. What he suggests people do is to lower the protein content to make it easier on their kidneys and use protein sources that don’t have as much phosphorus and are easier to digest so their kidneys can eliminate breakdown. He suggests cooking the proteins or if you’re looking for commercial food you can look for these types of proteins in his suggestions. Cooking your protein like cooked egg whites are a great source of protein for cats with kidney disease and it’s also low in phosphorus. Egg whites, not the yolk, we want to do the egg whites.


Other Protein Sources For Your Cat


Other sources are rabbit and a type of rabbit called a hare rabbit, which has longer ears and rabbits in general and then specifically these hare rabbits are low phosphorus and great sources of protein and easier proteins to break down and digest. They don’t come along with other undesirable things like beef and other red meat or lamb. Another protein that you want to have is poultry chicken, cooked chicken is good to have as opposed to raw, and cooked is going to have higher phosphorous but generally, when you cook it, it lowers the phosphorus count to some degree so that’s poultry. Then we have salmon you want to definitely try to get more salmon in your cat with kidney disease. It’s an excellent protein high in omega-3s which is also going to help their kidney health. Four good sources to add to and try to get rid of those other harder proteins that are hard to digest or harder on the cat’s kidneys.


Protein And Phosphorus Levels In Your Cat’s Diet


Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the production of inflammatory compounds that create oxidative stress to the tissue of the kidneys, contribute to the slower progression of kidney disease in cats. Thus, lowering protein in your cat’s diet to make it easier on their kidneys, but not completely remove it because cats are carnivores and need it in their diet. Robert reiterates that egg whites are essentially a great source of protein for cats with kidney disease and that it’s low in phosphorus. Phosphorus is related to protein content, it is basically impossible to get to lower levels of phosphorus content without limiting protein content in their diet. Overall, keeping protein in your cat’s diet is just as important as limiting it. Limiting it will lower the phosphorus, which benefits the health of your cat’s kidneys. 


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