Renal Diet Book Helps Stop Kidney Disease


Renal Diet Book Helps Stop Kidney Disease

This video is about a renal diet book and about diets that have worked for me in helping me keep my transplant as long as I have. I’ve tested lots of diets with blood work, and what really works for me is a low to very low protein diet. It’s not the diet I love, it’s just what I have to follow because it keeps my kidney transplant functioning.

Now, I have to be more strict than ever. I pull the book off the shelf that I think anybody following a low to very little protein diet should have, you should look at for the recipes. This is Stopping Kidney Disease by Lee Hull. Someone else who has kidney disease issues and this book is really good.

So since I have be more strict, I was looking at more options to eat. These include vegetable fajitas, Italian pesto, zucchini noodles, uh, salad with spiced pecans. There are a lot of options and good references in this book and you should own this book if you are on a kidney diet. 

It’s important to note that a low protein diet should be carefully monitored and managed by a healthcare professional, as it may also lead to malnutrition if not properly balanced with other essential nutrients. Regular monitoring of blood levels and kidney function is also important to ensure that the diet is effective and safe for the individual.

The book we go over in this video covers a wide range of topics related to kidney disease, including the risk factors, symptoms, and complications associated with the condition. It also provides guidance on how to manage the condition through lifestyle modifications, such as changes to diet and exercise habits. One of the key themes of the book is the importance of early detection and prevention of kidney disease. Hull emphasizes the need for regular check-ups and screening tests to identify kidney disease in its early stages, as this can improve the chances of successful treatment and slow down the progression of the disease. To your best kidney health everyone.