Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally | Two Natural Remedies for Kidney Disease

Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally | Two Natural Remedies for Kidney Disease

Thanks for tuning into this video today. This video is about how to reverse kidney disease naturally, a follow up to another video I did a little while ago about a research piece that was published in the Ortho Molecular Journal, about 25 case studies about reversing kidney disease. It was by Stephan McConnell, who I had the pleasure of speaking to.

I wanted to touch on this again to really make it clear to everybody and what you can do with this information. The two main therapeutics I’m going to talk about here are sodium bicarbonate and niacin, straight niacin. Now there is a term called acidosis.

That means you have acid buildup before it shows in the blood work, and a lot of really, really great researchers and a lot of studies have shown now that this process can go on before seen in the blood work, so we know how to look for acidosis from the blood work or metabolic acidosis by the CO2 number.

We have other videos on that. If you’re not familiar, you can check them out, but this is something that anybody can try with kidney disease. Make sure to get your before blood work and after blood work after you do this for a period of time. So what you want to do is you can take sodium bicarbonate, it comes in 650 milligram pills.

Now you would take between one and three pills a day, depending on the severity of your kidney disease. So if you’re in the later stages, You can use that two to three pills a day, and if you’re in the early stages, you can use one pill a day. And what the sodium bicarbonate does is it gets rid of the acid buildup that comes along with kidney disease.

Sometimes this acid buildup is very clear in the blood work and it’s still not being treated by a very high percentage of nephrologist. The information is out there, but it’s not widely spread. You can take the sodium bicarbonate one to three pills a day. You break it up and after about 90 days you can get your blood work again to see where it’s at.

Now, part of this protocol is not just the sodium bicarbonate, it’s also using niacin. Niacin is b3. There’s a lot of different forms of niacin, but we’re talking about niacin straight form. Straight niacin has the most benefits, the most benefits for the kidney. Can help with proteinuria, showing to slow down a loss of kidney function. It also helps with the cholesterol. 

According to Stephen McConnell, you would start with a low dose. You would start with a hundred milligrams, and you want to try to get to three times a day, at least twice a day, a hundred milligrams twice a day, and then you’re probably not gonna flush with that.

They sell these low doses on the internet at Walmart, and a lot of different stores. So you would start with that a hundred and you gradually increase to to get the 500 milligrams, two to three times a day. Three times a day would be ideal. But if you can get to 1500 milligrams, even if you did it twice a day, like seven 50 or so, that would be good.