Salt Can Speed Up Your Trip Toward Kidney Failure…

Scientists are warning salt intake is related to kidney failure in older adults. Researchers say salt intake less than 6g per day puts patients at greater risk for end stage kidney disease (ESKD).

Researchers pulled data from 4 prospective studies. These studies included 1785 patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who receive regular, professional care.

They compared the risks of all-cause mortality and ESKD of patients 65 years and younger to those 65 years and older. They determined salt level using 2 measurements of 24 hour urinary sodium. By the time of the median follow-up 4 years later, 383 ESKD cases and 260 deaths from all causes had occurred. Data showed while the risks did not differ by salt intake in the overall group.

But, in older patients, salt intake of 6-8 and more than 8 g/d were associated with a 42.3% and 43.6% risk for ESKD.

Scientists have noted there is no well defined level of what consists of a good, safe level of salt. For more on CKD and diet, be sure to watch Robert’s YouTube channel, updated daily with new kidney content.