Selenium and Kidney Disease, Do You Need This Mineral?

Selenium Deficiency and Kidney Disease, Do You Need This Mineral?

Robert Galarowicz for Healthy Kidney Inc. back again with some more helpful information regarding kidney disease and what you can do about it. Today I want to talk about a study published in Renal & Urology News about Selenium Deficiency in people living with CKD. Selenium is a mineral which is a popular ingredient in many multivitamins and which is touted as being a powerhouse of antioxidants, helping to prevent damage from free radicals and environmental factors.

Unfortunately, the study found that Selenium levels were, on average, lower than the ideal level in people with kidney disease. One of the foods recommended by Renal & Urology News is the Brazil Nut, as it is an exceptionally rich source of Selenium. If you’re watching your protein, however, due to adhering to a kidney diet, you may also opt for a Selenium Supplement. It’s a vital mineral which can help keep you safe from free radical damage and would make a welcome addition to any kidney disease plan of action.

DISCLAIMER: Anyone with kidney issues should always be under the care of a physician and defer to their physician for any and all treatment decisions. This video is not meant to replace a physician’s advice, supervision, and counsel. No information in the video should be construed as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made by the patient and a qualified physician. This video is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE.

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