Smoking And Kidney Disease Damage! How To Quit?

Around 34 million people living in the United States smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. Those people may or may not stop smoking depending on their situation but for someone diagnosed with kidney disease, you’ve got to stop smoking. Smoking only accelerates kidney disease and leads to more loss in kidney function. 

According to a study we’re referencing posted by Clinical Experimental Nephrology Journal in October 2020–’the role of cigarette smoking on the onset of CKD in Japan’s population’

What they found out was that among the people who developed kidney disease, a large majority of them turned out to be smokers. Cigarettes are said to contain up to 3000 different toxic chemicals and some of them are bound to damage your kidneys. 

If you smoke cigarettes and you have kidney disease, you should really prioritize quitting it for your best health. There are many steps one can take to solve this issue. You can see a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist in order to assist you to quit smoking. Hypnotherapy audio tracks are a great alternative as well. You can always see a doctor and for those looking for medications to help quit smoking, one effective option in Zyban with much evidence-backed research. 

Another way to quit is to gently lessen smoking every day till it’s pretty much out of your lifestyle. Let’s say you’re smoking ten cigarettes a day, next week try to smoke 9 cigarettes a day, the week after, try smoking 8 cigarettes a day. Eventually, by the end of the tenth week, you’ll be down to your last cigarette.

A powdered form of vitamin C dissolved in a water bottle and drinking it throughout the day has shown to help people diminish the cravings. Another supplement we recommend is L-tyrosine. It works a little bit similar to Zyban and you should start with 1500 mg at least. This drug helps reduce cravings as well. 

The most important takeaway from this video is to realize that smoking decelerates the blood flow to important organs like the kidneys and can make kidney disease worse. It also can tremendously increase your risk for proteinuria.
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In conclusion, one must realize the urgency to stop smoking as it only further damages the kidney cells and reduces kidney function. One must also want to quit in order to assist this transition. You must have a desire and some motivation to never smoke again. No one can magically 

Even with all these suggestions, one must realize the urge to quit smoking especially for someone diagnosed with kidney disease. There should be a desire and motivation to completely stop smoking. No one can magically make you quit smoking cigarettes but you have to know that it only makes your condition worse. 

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