Soda and Kidney Disease Damage: Soda, Diet Soda & Kidney Disease Detoxing and Healthy Alternatives

Soda and Kidney Disease Damage: Soda, Diet Soda & Kidney Disease Detoxing and Healthy Alternatives

This video is about soda and kidney disease, and how soda and diet soda are bad for kidney disease. We also talk about how to wean off of it, how to detox off it because it is addictive, other things that you can have in place of soda if you have kidney issues.

Soda and diet soda being bad for kidney disease is really nothing new. We’ve got studies dating back over a decade showing how bad these are for kidney health when it comes to soda or diet soda they’re both not good for you. Regular soda has a lot of high fructose corn syrup, so that’s a lot of sugar that really raises the blood sugar. Therefore it’s bad for diabetics, which make up a large amount of people that have kidney disease. It also has phosphoric acid, so phosphorus which you don’t need for your kidneys.

There’s also a lot of other ingredients in there that aren’t good. Those are some of the main ones. There’s also always caffeine added in. This isn’t the caffeine from coffee where it has a different impact on your body where we actually see some positives with coffee, this is just straight caffeine not coming from coffee beans. Essentially it’s a synthetic form of caffeine.

Dealing with diet soda now, we have artificial sweeteners which are bad for you. They accumulate in your body over time causing all types of issues so you really want to get rid of these from your diet. A lot of people are hooked on soda. Many years ago I was hooked on soda, and I gradually weaned myself off. Instead of three sodas, have two. Instead of two, have one so you’re down to the least amount possible.

In its place you could have some kidney-friendly juices like grape, apple, and cranberry. All these type of juices are good. Always pick the one with the least amount of sugar. Dilute these juices with water to make them even more kidney friendly. You still get some flavor but you’re not getting all the sugar.

You can have teas. Teas are excellent for kidney health. There are so many teas out there, and so many ways to prepare them. You could use stevia, small amounts of monk fruit, or honey. We have two videos about tea so just check below in the description. We’ll have links to that.

A couple other things that you can have is fresh lemonade. You can make it from fresh squeezed lemons in any amount of water. There’s a product out there called true lemon which is a pretty nice product. It’s healthy for the most part. It’s free of artificial sweeteners, high amounts of sugar, and this line of products you would just add to water. They have a complete line of them. so all different flavors. That’ll give you some taste to water so you feel like you’re drinking something not just plain water.

However, plain water is the best for kidney health. Avoid the diet sodas, look to cut them down. Get them out of your diet and replace them with these healthier drinks.