Soy Protein and Kidney Disease | Is Soy good for Kidney Disease?

Soy Protein and Kidney Disease | Is Soy good for Kidney Disease?

In this video we’re going to be discussing a really important food, soy, soy protein and kidney disease. I’m going to be referencing a study also.

This information comes from the Journal of Renal Nutrition, November, 2022. The title, “Soy Protein as part of a Low protein Diet is a new direction in Cardio and Nephro protection in patients with stages 3B and 4 kidney disease. So this study just came out and it’s one of dozens and dozens of studies that I’ve seen supporting soy products with kidney disease, soy products of support, good kidney health.

So here they took people that were on low protein diets. These people with the low protein diets are also taking keto analogs of essential amino acids. If you don’t know what those are, we have other videos about that. Now, instead of having animal protein in their diet, they switched it to a soy-based protein, whether it’s edamame beans, tofu, tempeh, there’s a lot of soy products out there, like soy nuggets, soy chicken, soy burgers are very popular.

There’s lots of soy products out there. They switched their animal for the soy products and they found tremendous benefit at the end of this study. They showed the people that kept the animal protein, their GFR decreased, at a faster pace, or their kidney function got worse quicker, as opposed to the people that ate soy.

The people that had the soy products, they didn’t get the blood pressure raising effects like the people that had the animal products. It was better for their cholesterol, it was better for their weight, it was better for their heart. Consider adding it into your diet. It’s just so helpful, so tremendous, so many benefits with soy proteins and kidney disease, and there are so many ways to cook it and prepare it.