Natural Kidney-Friendly Nutrient Prevents Kidney Stones In People With CKD


The National Kidney Foundation estimated that 1 in 10 people develops kidney stones over the course of a lifetime. Almost 40 million people in the US are affected by kidney stones. Kidney stones can form when crystal-forming substances like calcium and oxalate build up in the urine, making the fluid in the urine dilute.


In today’s video, Robert talks about the use of sodium bicarbonate to prevent kidney stones with CKD. He reviews a study performed by the National Kidney Foundation, published in 2021. In this study, the researchers observed the difference between CKD patients that were given sodium bicarbonate and those that weren’t given any. They concluded that people who took sodium bicarbonate had a lower risk of developing kidney stones.


In the past, Robert has talked about the use of magnesium and potassium to prevent the formation of kidney stones. You can watch those videos here. He suggests taking a pill form of sodium bicarbonate with chronic kidney disease to prevent kidney stones. Sodium bicarbonate has long been used to correct metabolic acidosis in CKD. It has also shown to slow the progression of kidney disease. Be sure to always check with your nutritionist or nephrologist before taking any medications. 


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