Superfood For Kidney Disease: Veggie Burgers, Holidays & More? Vegan Kidney Disease Diet Options

What Really Is A Veggie Burger?

A veggie burger is a typical burger patty that does not consist of any kind of meat. These burgers/sandwiches may be made from plant-based ingredients like beans, especially soybeans and tofu, nuts, grains, seeds, or even fungi such as mushrooms or mycoprotein.

The patties that are the essence of a veggie burger have existed in various Eurasian cuisines for millennia, including in the form of disc-shaped grilled or fried meatballs or as koftas, a commonplace item in Indian cuisine. These may contain meats or be made of entirely vegetarian ingredients such as legumes or other plant-derived proteins.


Veggie burgers are a great superfood choice for individuals dealing with kidney disease. It is highly adaptable to a renal diet as well. Whether you’re looking for a low protein diet, high protein diet, or something in the middle, veggie burgers fit in perfectly. There are also tonnes of varieties you can pick from when you’re shopping for veggie burgers as a superfood alternative to animal protein.

Veggie burgers are to be considered a good choice next time you’re eating out, the reason is the protein they carry has shown to be easier on the kidneys. Since you’re always in the need to control your sodium level for someone with kidney disease, you should look for options that have less than 400mg of sodium. Now that might sound like a huge amount of sodium to consume but for kidney sufferers who keep the rest of their day’s meal renal friendly seldom worry about negative consequences. Veggie burgers are often considered a great superfood for kidney disease, especially for those who prefer more plant-based protein in their renal diet.

The burger Robert mentions in the first half of the video is about an earth-grown veggie burger. It had around 300mg of potassium, 290mg of sodium, and 5mg of protein. This is a good low protein option for those with kidney disease looking to lower their protein intake. Besides the veggie burgers, a small salad was included with 60mg of sodium & 50mg of potassium in the dressing, three small potatoes without salt had about 360mg of potassium. If you’re into hot sauce, we recommend keeping it below a tablespoon so that way you’re not consuming too much sodium.

Some peppers, crackers, and grilled onions were also included.

When you crave a drink after eating a meal, lemonade is a good choice since they’re pretty kidney-friendly. However, they tend to carry a decent amount of sugar so you may want to be mindful of that one.

An ounce of salmon or tuna would do no harm and can be considered as a healthy animal protein choice for those with kidney disease.

In conclusion, with everything included, Robert successfully managed to stay within his limits and kept his renal friendly diet. During this barbeque, he consumed 13g of protein, 1000mg of potassium & 600mg of sodium.

This nutrition guide can easily be added to anybody to help you maintain a low protein diet that is also renal friendly. A brokedown list of nutritions for a renal diet is listed below for a more detailed view.

Veggie burgers can be an extremely healthy alternative if you’re trying to reduce animal protein or if you’re opting for a vegan diet. It can also be useful for someone with kidney disease looking for a lower protein diet.

The Veggie Burgers that Robert recommends in the video are:
Amy’s California Burgers
BOCA Original Vegan
Gardenburger Veggie Medley

These are the easiest to find veggie burgers at the supermarket. Make sure to reference that and stock up on veggie burgers and include more in your diet. There are also some veggie burgers with higher protein content if that’s something you’re looking for. It is also a great alternative as a vegan superfood option for those dealing with kidney disease.