9 Super Friendly Kidney Foods For Kidney Disease!!!

It is impossible to lead a healthy life without balanced diets. This is something that is known by almost everyone and from a very tender age as well, yet it is often ignored. People now find it more rewarding to care for the outer body than the inner body. The kidney for instance, is an organ responsible for keeping our body clean and in good shape. Below are some super foods capable of keeping the Kidney in good health:

Red Bell Peppers: patients suffering from CKD should follow a kidney disease diet and can gain a lot from this food because it contains very low potassium. The rich fiber, folic acid and Vitamins A, B6 & C contained in this food is crucial to maintain a healthy kidney. Some people eat the red bell peppers raw, while some eat it with chicken salad or tuna.

Cabbage: this food is famous for having cancer-killing nutrients and minerals. They are rich in phytochemicals capable of getting the body rid of free radicals. It contains Vitamins C, B6 and K as well as other nutrients such as fiber and folic acid and this is why it is capable of keeping the kidney health intact.

Cauliflower: cauliflower is one of the many kidney-friendly super foods. It is a natural supplement for the kidney and it has the capacity to force unwanted materials out of the body through the urinary tract. Doctors often prescribe that their patients, especially the ones with kidney complications to add cauliflower to at least one of the day’s meals.

Garlic: studies have shown that garlic goes beyond keeping the digestive system healthy and functioning properly, it has also been shown to be highly beneficial to kidney health. People who eat garlic on a daily basis are less likely to be affected with kidney stone. It also keeps the cholesterol level of a patient in check.

Onions: Onions are practically in every home and are used in almost all dishes. They mix well with almost all meals and green salad cannot be considered complete without onions. The fatty materials present in a person’s blood vessels are removed or reduced by acid in onions. It has chromium in abundance and has been shown to be highly beneficial for kidney.

Apples: Apple helps the kidney process harsh waste materials without having to suffer any inflammation thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties present in apple. It is capable of flushing out waste materials efficiently.

Cranberries: Cranberries are famous because they have been proven to help urinary tract infections. The bladder is kept bacteria free thanks to cranberry and this is because of its citric content that makes urine more acidic.

Blueberries: Anthocyanidins is an antioxidant capable of reducing inflammation and cleansing the enhancing full body cleansing. Blueberries can also be used as a probiotic kidney supplement and doctors often advise patients undergoing kidney dialysis to eat blueberries.

Cherries: cherries are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals – just like cabbage – and this helps keep the free from free radicals. Daily consumption of cherries by patients is often prescribed by doctors because they have inflammatory properties that are particularly beneficial to the kidneys.

For the body to function properly, the kidney is a crucial organ that must be properly taken care of. Your kidney health can only be boosted by forming healthy eating habits and these foods mentioned above can go along way in helping you maintain proper kidney health. 

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