Supplement Improves Kidney Function and Chronic Kidney Disease | Supplement for Kidney Function | Do You Need It?

Supplement Improves Kidney Function and Chronic Kidney Disease | Supplement for Kidney Function | Do You Need It?

Today we’re going to reference a study “Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on the Renin-Angiotensin System In Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Metabolic Acidosis,” a randomized clinical trial that was published in the Journal of Nephrology October 2021.

So what did they do in this study? They looked at people that had metabolic acidosis, which is too much acid buildup. The way to tell that you have metabolic acidosis is you got to look at your blood work and check the CO2 level or sometimes they call it the carbon dioxide level. Please don’t think your doctor is always checking everything and addressing it. They find that in a very large amount of nephrologists and medical doctors never address metabolic acidosis and if you don’t address it, you can lose kidney function. The estimates are up to 30 percent faster. That’s a lot, so it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.

You want to look in your blood work for the carbon dioxide or CO2 level. If it’s 24 or under they recommend taking some sodium bicarbonate. Now this level of 24 over the years–they’ve been increasing it higher and higher where metabolic acidosis before was considered around 22 or 23 or less, now it’s 24 or less. I think as time goes on and with a lot more research coming out they’re showing that sodium bicarbonate has great benefits even if you’re not technically metabolic acidosis. If you’re borderline or even just barely normal, it’s still providing a lot of benefits.

So what they looked at in this study was they took people in stage four kidney disease and they had that carbon dioxide Co2 ranges from 15 to 24, and they gave them a pretty high dose of sodium bicarbonate. It was up to 3000 milligrams a day which is pretty high. Generally we don’t start with those amounts but this shows you that it’s safe to study and it has good kidney benefits. Everybody may not need those high amounts and I generally recommend starting lower and building up.

They found that when people that took sodium bicarbonate, it didn’t have an effect on the system which has to do with blood pressure and they were looking for excretion of a lot of those compounds. What they did find was that it corrected the metabolic acidosis which we know it does, but it also increased the excretion of ammonium which is a product that has to do with acid buildup. So sodium bicarbonate corrected that metabolic acidosis and we know from other studies it’s going to preserve kidney function. Plus, it helped with urinary excretion and getting rid of more of that ammonium.I can tell you from other research sodium bicarbonate helps get rid of a lot of other acid products, toxin build up, and metabolic toxins. It offers so many benefits so it’s something you really should consider and look at your labs to see if you need it.  

I can’t tell you the amount of people that come into Healthy Kidney Inc and they give their blood work indicating metabolic acidosis. Let’s correct it, let’s get those kidneys healthier, let’s get you healthier, and let’s help you avoid dialysis!