Supplements I Take To Support Kidney Health

Supplements I Take To Support Kidney Health

Thanks for watching today’s video about what supplements I take to support kidney health and to help maintain my kidney health as best as I can.

This is the protocol that I’m currently taking. Protocols can always change depending on what’s going on with your health and what you’re trying to accomplish. This is not set in stone. I might do this for a couple months. Actually I plan to do this until my next blood work. I’ll see what the results are and i’ll decide to make changes.

Protocols can depend too if you’re having pill fatigue, you’re tired of taking pills, maybe you need to back off for a bit take a little break and start up. So this is just what I take, it’s not meant for you to replicate or do it for your own situation and I have reasoning for all this and all these pills are also in addition to all the pills I got to take for my kidney transplant.

I take a really potent one per day multivitamin it’s called one per day by life extension high in Bs, high in zinc a really good vitamin that I like. If you’re not comfortable with the high doses you can always break the pill in half and take smaller amounts. I often recommend to this to people with kidney issues. I take 400 milligrams of coq10 by natural factors. Niacinamide I take 1500 milligrams twice a day by source naturals. Sometimes I’ll take my product Phosphix, but it isn’t as high dose i’m really trying to get as much Niacin as I can. I’m getting the upper limits to help my kidney health the phosphorus but I really want to try to get my cholesterol in a better range and get my hdl higher.

Next is cordyceps. I love cordyceps for the kidney health. I take host defense. I like host defense brand. I like host defense because a lot of their products have been studied by major cancer centers and published research in the national library of medicine. So i take Cordyceps I’m going to say a thousand to 1500 milligrams twice a day. I take methylfolate, it’s a form of methyl folate 5mthf. We have a whole video recently about this and I take 15 milligrams per day all right.

I take curcumin bio curcumin by life extension. Two to three pills a day. I really like curcumin. It’s safe with a transplant. I take pycnogenol. It comes from a bark of a tree and I take 100 milligrams once a day. I do take probiotics separately. I take about 150 to 300 milligrams. The brand is renew life that I use. I need a lot of probiotics. It really helps keep my bun levels down and just help good kidney function.

I take magnesium glycinate so because of my kidney transplant and the medications I have to take really the prograph tachylimus. I have a condition called magnesium wasting syndrome so I don’t hold magnesium in my body at all it’s just in and out and if I don’t replace it then i get all the bad symptoms that you get from having low magnesium. So I take magnesium glycinate pure encapsulations. I take five pills it’s 600 milligrams twice a day That’s an elemental value so that’s a better value than other ones that are over the counter.

Then I take our renal d plus which is a fairly new product that we came out with which is vitamin d3 with k2 with some other kidney nutrients. I take kidney shield as my omega-3 okay that’s our product here that’s about three to four pills a day and sometimes i’ll take a liquid too. It’s not our product of liquid i’ll use a variety of different companies sometimes in now foods sometimes carlson labs i’ll use their omega-3 just easier at times if i want to cut down on pills. One tablespoon a day i’ll use and then Kidney Restore, our product i use one a day. I don’t need a lot of it because a lot of my issues that it pertains to are really doing pretty well, but it gives me a little bit of support for my alkalinity gives me a little extra target of probiotics.

So that’s everything I take in a day in terms of supplements and when I get my next blood test i’ll let you know how how it goes. I’m hoping for some improvement. All purchases on our website or through amazon come with email coaching by kidney health coaches so they can help you prioritize. They can recommend other things that you might need for your situation.