What Are The Symptoms Of Stage 1 Kidney Disease?

With just under a billion people worldwide living with some form of kidney disease, it is crucial more than ever to address any symptoms or health complications you experience that may possibly spell trouble for your kidneys. 

Generally, in stage 1 of kidney disease, the symptoms are surprisingly blank. There is in fact no symptom one would show while in stage 1 as in this stage, the kidneys still maintain the ability to work even with decreased function. In the later stages like stages 3 to 5, one may start to develop symptoms of kidney disease. 

During stage 1 of kidney disease, individuals may not feel any pain or show symptoms. The way people generally find out if they’re in stage 1 kidney disease is if they see extreme changes in their GFR, they may have some protein in the urine, or in some cases, their blood pressure may rise. 

However, if you discover that you’re in stage 1 of kidney disease, you should be fortunate for that as there are so many actions you can take in these early stages to reduce the pain and slow down the progression of the kidney disease. 

For the people who asked this question, generally, you won’t feel any symptoms in stage 1. You may start showing symptoms around stage 3.

Stage 1 & stage 2 are the stages where you can take many actions to slow down the progression of kidney damage. Additional lifestyle changes and modified diet plans may further assist in improved kidney function.

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