Tartary Buckwheat for Diabetic Kidney Disease Diets…Is It The Super Grain You Need To Sample?

In today’s video, Robert discusses a wonderful grain you should incorporate into your healthy kidney diet, especially if you have type-2 diabetes and subsequent diabetic kidney disease. The grain in question, Tartary buckwheat, is tremendously nutritious and very tasty as well. A study featured in Therapeutics Clinical Risk Management highlighted the effect of replacing white rice and wheat with Tartary buckwheat. Upon the conclusion of 4 weeks, the study showed type 2 diabetics with early-stage kidney disease had much better urinary nitrogen ratios and improved urine to albumin creatinine levels as well. 

So, if you’re wondering what healthy grains you may be able to add to your renal diet or substitute other foods with look no further than Tartary buckwheat. It can be especially helpful if you’re in the early stages of diabetic kidney disease and may potentially help give under-functioning kidneys a much needed boost.

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