What Our Customer Say

From Stage 4 To Stage 3
I took 1 capsule at all 3 meals with no side-effects. My doctor called after my last blood work with positive news. I went from beginning stage 4 to stage 3 kidney function. I feel so much more positive and feel that I can avoid dialysis. I will definitely keep using Kidney Restore
Amy Pausa, Elizabeth NJ

What A Diabetic Kidney Disease Sufferer Had This To Say
I was full of acid and feeling terrible with lousy kidney numbers on my blood work. After taking kidney restore my phosphorus is normal and don’t have to take those medications. Also I feel much healthier with more energy and have stable kidney function. I am definetly going to keep using my kidney restore.
Nancy M., Portland Maine

Kidney Function Holding Steady
I have been tested several times now and my doctor cannot accept the fact that Kidney Restore has kept my kidneys working at the same level. He was expecting me to be on dialysis at this point. So happy I found Kidney Restore.
Ted R., San Antonio Texas

My Kidney Function Has Improved
I started taking Kidney Restore a few months ago. Before taking it, my kidney function had been rapidly declined with my creatinine increasing to 2.4. Since starting Kidney Restore, my creatinine level has dropped to 2.0, so my CKD has improved.
Ellen McCarfy, Oxford Mississippi

GFR Is Better
I am thrilled to send you this email to let you know how I am doing. I started taking Kidney Restore around five weeks ago and my Creatinine was 3.3, my Bun was 51 and my GFR was 18. My kidney function has been steadily declining for the last two years. Last week had my blood work done and as of today my Creatinine is 2.9 my BUN is 42 and GFR is 22.
Becky C. – Lancaster, PA

Healthier Kidneys & More Energy
God bless you Robert. Its wonderful how you turned your illness into a positive and helping a lot of people with chronic kidney disease. I am one of those people. Along with diet and exercise you recommended I had a big turn around in my kidney function. The Kidney Restore not only helps my kidney, but my stomach problems are much better and I have more energy. Keep up the good work for all people with chronic kidney disease.
Ruth Velez, Northern, CA

This Stuff Is Amazing
Kidney Restore is amazing. My kidney function has gone up since I been using this product. My Nephrologist is amazed how well I’m doing. I truly am thankful I found one of Robert’s videos on youtube.
Melvin Brown, Oregon

Dialysis Sessions Easier
I asked Robert if their was anything I can do to help me feel better on dialysis. He recommending trying his product. Dialysis left me drained with bloating, nausea and other stomach problems. I also had high phosphorus. After taking kidney restore my phosphorus is normal and I feel more energetic and my stomach problems are much better. Not 100% yet, but much better than before.

Dad’s Kidneys Are Stable
Thank you for shipping to Australia. Your Kidney Restore is helping my dad while he is going through his health problems. He has diabetes and once they said his kidneys are damaged I started doing research. Kidney Restore seems to be helping his kidney from getting worse. Doctor said since its stable he is not very concerned and happy his kidneys didn’t get worse. Of course I am also very happy. Keep dad’s Kidney Restore coming.
Mason Liam, Australia

My Nephrologist Approves Of Kidney Restore
I found out I had stage 3 kidney disease from high blood pressure I didn’t even feel. My doctor said not much to do, but take some blood pressure medication and hopefully I can live the rest of my life and not have kidney failure. I became proactive and found Robert and Kidney Restore. The website taught me, so much about eating better and after 3 months of Kidney Restore I had a boost in kidney function. Creatinine down .5 points. I showed my nephrologist what I was doing and taking. He approved of everything, so I hope my next blood work will be even better.
Romy G. Winnipeg Canada

A Huge Improvement
Hi, I wanted to tell you the good news. I started using your product along with life style changes 6 months ago. At that point my labs came back showing kidney damage. My Dr. told me nothing would help. My Creatinine was 1.9. I went to the nephrologist appointment as referred by my family doctor. They did another set of labs and my Creatinine was 1.3. A huge improvement and I credit it to Kidney Restore and the healthier changes I made. I will be our long term customer.
Maria Golt, Dade County Florida