Three Nutrients for Better Renal Health

Three Nutrients for Better Renal Health

In this video we talk about a couple of nutrients for better renal health. We’re going to go through a little research.

The first piece of research, Journal of Nutrients, April 2023. Renal protective roles of lipoic acid in kidney disease. We’re talking about alpha lipoic acid, a potent supplement, antioxidant. So, we like to take things that are natural to the body. Alpha lipoic acid is good for a lot of things including diabetic nephropathy, sepsis induced kidney injury, renal ischemic injury, obstructions, kidney injuries from metals such as cisplatin, cadmium, and, and iron. So alpha lipoic acid, really good. If you’re going to take it 600 milligrams at least once a day, I would do twice a day.

Next up. Journal of Cells. This is March 8th, 2023. Melatonin treatment in kidney disease. The administration of melatonin has a renal protective effect and inhibits the progression of complications connected to renal failure. It’s generally well tolerated, low side effects. Melatonin is excellent. There’s a lot of sleep problems that come along with kidney disease. Melatonin can help that.

It’s a really good reason to use it. Generally, when you have kidney disease, your antioxidant systems are going to be low, so melatonin replaces those. 3 to 6 mg per day of melatonin you can try. You can go higher, you could even go lower. Generally, you start around that 3 mg area. If you take 3 mg, it gets you to sleep, but you wake up groggy, tired, you’ve got to reduce the dose.

Maybe you do 2 mg, or 1. 5. If you take 3mg and it doesn’t do anything, you go up to 6mg, you can go to 5mg, you can go to 9mg. You can go to about 9mg very, very safely. Melatonin is really safe. You’ll see really high doses, up to 20, 30mg online. You can use those. Some people do. But generally most people do okay within that 9 milligram range of melatonin every day.

All right, so next up, Journal of Microbiome, January 2023. More information about that kidney gut access. You hear me talk about this a lot. It’s a big emerging field that shows if you take prebiotics and probiotics with kidney health, you’re going to benefit your kidney health and be in a better place overall.

So, perturbed gut microbiome and fecal and serum metabolomes are associated with chronic kidney disease severity. So if you have kidney disease, your gut’s gonna be off. There’s gonna be all types of toxins, bad stuff going on there. When you take probiotics and prebiotics, it cleans it up, gets rid of those, reverses it, improves it.

So take them.  The conclusion of this piece of research is, the conclusion, perturbed CKD severity related gut microbiota may contribute to unbalanced toxic and pro oxidant metabolism in the gut and host, accelerating CKD progression. Accelerating it. You’re speeding it up.