Toxic Chemicals & Heavy Metals Can Be Deadly For Kidney Disease

Every day we are exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals without even knowing it. Our body intakes toxic chemicals through breathing, ingestion, or skin absorption. Exposure to toxic chemicals may pose threats to your kidney health and cause damage to other organs. In today’s video, Robert talks about the adverse effects of toxic chemicals for kidney disease and how you can better manage them. 


Today’s video is about toxic chemicals and kidney disease. Thanks for watching this is Robert Galarowciz, naturopath, nutritionist, kidney survivor still have my av fistula and have a transplant coming up just almost 18 years that is lasting 11 years longer than it was supposed to because of my obsession with kidney disease and keep myself from ever going to dialysis.


How Can You Be Exposed To Toxic Chemicals?

If you’re new to our channel subscribe where we have just over 200 videos of just stuff that you can do to improve your kidney health in your situation so toxic chemicals now we have a lot of research tons and tons of study on this topic about how toxic chemicals can cause or exacerbate kidney disease and we talk about toxic chemicals there are so many out there they’re everywhere and it’s almost impossible to avoid especially if you live in a city you’re more exposed to these toxic chemicals. I live in a city, I live just outside New York City and I’m going to be exposed way more than someone who doesn’t live in such a populated environment, so condense you’re going to be exposed to toxic chemicals no matter what.


We’re going to talk about where you get them where some of them are and I’m going to talk about what you can do to help yourself detox from these if you want you can get tested checking for heavy metals but just going through a list here some common ones are benzene, fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, and cadmium. You can get exposed to all these from breathing and ingestion, eating them.


Some examples are: tuna is very high in mercury you can be toxic on tuna if you spent months and months eating it more than two times a week three-four times a week it’s possible that you could become toxic in mercury, swordfish okay high in mercury okay so I’m just showing you where the toxic chemicals come from, everywhere when you drink out of plastic bottles there are different types of plastic bottles and some are really high in hormone-like disruptors, weak estrogen-like properties that do a lot of havoc in the body. PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) are toxic chemicals included in different products.


Other Sources Of Toxic Chemicals & Heavy Metals

Deodorant has aluminum, go check your deodorant, check the ingredients most likely it has aluminum in it unless you’re purchasing a natural deodorant. When you barbecue and when you get it real black unfortunately that’s you know what I like so I look to avoid that whenever I have a barbecue as it becomes carcinogenic, bad for you bad for your body. Glycation end products so you’re exposed to them everywhere what can you do now? You can always get tested for your heavy metals you could do that in a variety of ways you can ask your doctor to do it through the blood the environmental protection agency does it through hair and nails so if you’re looking for a hair test you can just search a hair test online and see if you’ve been exposed to any of these heavy metals and then if you have you should look about chelating them through safe supplements diet you probably have to work with a practitioner. If you do, especially if you have kidney disease, you want to be on the safer side so you could get tested. That’s an option.


What Can You Do?

What I recommend is if testing is something you want to do that you want to reduce your exposure to, it’s almost impossible to avoid all these toxic chemicals that are in our environment but what you can do is to avoid your exposure so how do you do that. Getting clean water is super important for the kidney and super important for health so clean water H2O.


With tap water quality I recommend getting a filter there’s millions of type of filters on the market I generally recommend the Pure Herb Brita or another type of activated carbon filter because they’re really good they take a lot of stuff out and they’re affordable you can get other types of filtration systems that are a lot more affordable like reverse osmosis, distilled but you’re going to increase your water bill quite a bit so if that’s in your budget for most people it’s not so instead you just get clean water now when we’re talking about drinking out of plastic bottles like this one right now I tend to drink out of a lot of plastic because I’m always going places and I’m always getting water and for a long time I had a BPA free metal container I ended up losing, never getting another one.


With kidney disease you want to just get that water in, getting water in if you’re looking to get our plastic bottles you want to try to get them with the less harmful plastics or one that has shown to not have a big impact so how do you tell you to have to look generally at the bottom and you go by the recycling code so it’s from one to seven of the type of plastic they use and the recycling so the good ones just wanna make sure I give you the right ones is one, two, four, and five. Those are the safe ones so that means three, six, and seven you don’t want to drink out of those plastics you don’t want to store foods in those. This is a four okay so I’m on the safer side there and with that got a little water now your diet avoiding all the prepackaged fast foods the things that are traditionally known as unhealthy is going to reduce that toxic load a lot by eating high fiber foods okay all those good kidney-friendly vegetables that cabbage that broccoli any other types of good fiber from apples from fruits that fiber detoxes you so as you eat healthier you’re in a natural state of detox all the time some other things you can do if you’re looking to speed up your detoxification systems that’s that clean water and good clean healthy food whole foods you can have a whole piece of garlic okay a whole raw garlic you can chop it up in small pieces put it on bread eat it whole that’s going to help speed up your detoxification systems while giving you a lot of good antioxidants you can have half a fresh lemon squeezing water first thing in the morning upon waking okay the theory behind that is a lemon acts like a cellular scrub and it pulls sediments and everything out of your body so that’s another thing you can try.


Green teas are also great you know on a continuous basis taking them for detoxing coffee actually helps the liver a bit to detox so that’s another pretty safe option for everybody out there with kidney disease so when it comes to reducing your exposure to all these toxic chemicals don’t go like don’t really focus on it and really obsess and go to the extreme with it always focus on that good diet less salt, less protein if that’s what you’re striving for more fruits vegetables and then look for those simple exposures like the cleaner water whole foods as far as organic foods if you can afford it. That’s what it comes down to if it’s not in your budget, don’t worry about it, just focus on eating healthy because that’s where the majority of studies actually like 99% of studies show where the benefit is. All right thanks for watching your best kidney health, look to reduce that toxin exposure check out all our videos, like, comment, visit our website just lots of great information to help yourself, to your best kidney health, bye.


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