Tuna And Cats With Kidney Disease. Can They Have It Or Not? What’s The Problem With It?


Today we’re discussing if tuna fish is safe for cats with kidney disease. The question came in from one of our clients who was puzzled about how to feed tuna to their cat with kidney disease. 

Cats love tuna fish for its powerful smell and robust flavor. Tuna fish can be found in many cat foods and treats. However, if your cat is living with kidney disease, you should start off by limiting the protein. You don’t have to throw it away, but instead, lowering the amount of protein will relieve much stress on your cat’s kidneys. 

Tuna is a decent food option for cats with kidney disease if served in moderation. Nonetheless, one main issue in tuna is mercury toxicity. The problem is that tuna is naturally very high in mercury. For cats with kidney disease, two to three times a week is considered safe. If you keep feeding them tuna, your cat may be at an elevated risk for mercury toxicity. 

Adding other kidney-friendly foods into their diet can bring the additional flavor. It is important to know that there are many things one can do for their cat with kidney disease to surely help them. 

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