Consumption Of Turtle Meat Connected With Liver & Kidney Health Problems

Scientists are warning about the dangers of regular turtle meat consumption. Recent studies have shown regularly consuming turtle meat can result in chronic diseases which can lead to death. This is due to a very high heavy metal content which exceeds international food safety standards.

Research has shown, those who consume large amounts of turtle meat are likely to develop illnesses such as kidney disease and liver cancer. Additionally, this can effect the development of fetuses in pregnant women. Turtle meat has bacteria, parasites and biotoxins as well, much of it coming from the area where they live in. There are many reports of parasite eggs and worms in turtles belonging to the trematoda family.

Adult trematoda parasites are found in the heart. The eggs can end up in the brain, heart, liver, lungs, spleen, and other parts of the body. The meat is sold on the black market where it is mostly purchased by “exotic food enthusiasts.” An endangered animal, they are caught in Malaysia. Scientists warn, if the hunting does not stop, they will be extinct by the next generation.

Not only is consuming this noble creature an ethical issue, but considering your diet and the food you put into your body is something that should also be on everybody’s minds, however, when you have ongoing kidney problems or a family predisposition toward such problems, it becomes that much more important. For more information about making the best diet choices, be sure to take a look at our complete All-Natural Kidney Restoration program